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    esperance w.a
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    I had ba
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    dr les blackstock
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    163cm 47kgs deflated 10a before ba
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    fitness and my children

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  1. I had my creases lowered on both breasts and my boobs have dropped perfectly where the incision is. I got unders im 4 months post op ?
  2. I would go as big as u can for your size as boob greed really sucks ?
  3. Well i think everyone is different because i was out shopping and walking around Sydney 1 day post op.
  4. Go the biggest u can fit in. I went the biggest they could get in, which was 335cc under the muscle and i want to go bigger soon, i feel like u cant even notice ive had them done ?
  5. Yeah its for my sister ?. I already want them done again though lol
  6. Has anyone been to dr anh nguyen for ba. I need opinion please
  7. Yes especially in bras where one sits nice and perky and the other doesn't
  8. The same thing happened to me and my one that was smaller before ba now sits higher to. I was hoping it would drop down like the other but it hasn't and im 3 months post op
  9. My sister is Getting ba in perth. Can anyone suggest the best plastic surgeons in perth. Thanks
  10. The most awesome protein powder for taste is beauty fit. Yumm ?
  11. I definitely want bigger now. But got as much as i could put in. No one has noticed ive had them done ?
  12. I used bepanthem scar cream which has a massage ball on the other end of it and i used bio oil. Both are available from chemist ?
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