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  1. Ohh your the blue bra?i have you on my ph as what i want haha.funny.any chance of a before pic please?
  2. What surgeon on the Coast so i can avoid!
  3. Anna


    Ok that makes sense thank you
  4. Anna


    Ok thank you.So all the ones who have insurance have a condition or get it if something goes wrong?
  5. Anna


    Ok.The guy on the phone was so rude.Said noone covers plastic surgery etc.If i can get it mainly if something happens thats why id like it.
  6. Anna


    Ok.iv just seen alot of ladies on here saying they had health cover or were getting it incase something happened .Seen 3 or 4 posts .One asking should she and others said yes pretty sure one didn't have any issues.
  7. Those that have health cover that takes some of the BA costs off or cover so much % if something goes wrong along with medicare.What is it?is it hospital cover or extras?Just rung up and was shut down saying noone covers any cosmetic.What should i be asking.Who do you recommend please.
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