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  1. I went in to Mecca to try it. It was lovely consistency and so balmy, but the over powering smell of rose turned me off. Especially considering the price tag. It smelt like someone grandmother ? I went with the Mecca Lip delicious (the one without the spf)
  2. Congrats x great post, would love to read your progress as someone who is possibly waiting for implants after babies (maaaybe) ? Hope you are feeling well. How are your implants coping?
  3. Looking hawt! ?? your lips are amazing too! What have you done to lower face, if you don't mind me asking @donatella? Jaw & chin filler? You have a beautiful sharp jawline. Stunning
  4. I heard that the Mecca de-lipcious ( I think that's what it's called) is a good dupe for By Terry. It's only $22
  5. I love drunk elephant products. Little bit pricey though! Only recently discovered the brand at Mecca.
  6. JC Faceplus Medispa Bondi junction. Perfectionist.
  7. At the moment I have Dr Bronner Naked Organic Lip Balm (the light blue one) I love it. So much better then Paw Paw ointment. what I use every day though is bees wax I bought it in Greece. It's amazing. It's in a big jar or else I'd carry it with me everywhere
  8. @Chinchilla do you mind if I ask why you had your revision with Dr M and not with Dr T who did your initial surgery?
  9. Thanks for the advice @donatella I might try the ultra plus. Think u a right need to structure the lip, i don't have a very strong lip boarder either
  10. Oh really, I think my lips looked great after volift but u are right quite soft. i read on here a lot of the girls just get ultra and was wondering why they don't get ultra plus thought maybe it was a little to thick or something. My issue is with the corners they curl in. And when an injector puts filler there it looks like it's hanging. Really I feel like only the centre can be filled. Maybe if I attach a photo u will see what I mean because im not making sense! @donatella The second photo is not me, but this is the look I'm trying to avoid. I get two "hanging curtains" on either side. Looks like a joker face
  11. Hi @donatella if I remember correctly u mentioned a while ago that where u work is phasing out ultra plus? What would u recommend besides juverderm ultra. I've had volift in the past was nice and soft. Just stick with that?
  12. I think it worked a little bit. I don't use it everyday anymore. Keep forgetting. I am actually on my way to the dentist this morning, I am going to ask him what he thinks of Warpaint in terms of safety to the enamel. I've read mixed reviews (just to be safe) I will be going back to the US in Feb 2017 so will defiantly be picking up a box of those Crest Strips
  13. I've only used it 3 days now. It has been sitting in the cupboard ? I did take some before shots of my teeth. I'm going to give it 2 weeks at least. it can get a little messy. Oh and don't wear a white shirt! I have previously purchased Crest White strips Professional and Advance on trips to the U.S They really do work. Only thing is they don't get into the edges of teeth very well like peroxide on a tray would.
  14. I bought warpaint from a heath food store in Sydney
  15. @TheFox I saw go for it. 4 months will fly, and traditional braces will straighten in a way Invisalign's cannot. Yeh it's pretty sucky. I did my jail time with my teeth for so long wore my night retainer for a year, then my bonded permanent retainer for 2, and now moment! I was also charged for this new retainer even after I put up a fight. if I want to correct the bottom 2 teeth that have moved my ortho said he will think about rebracing me again ? Ahhh well. Still so glad I did it years ago
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