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    Post op : wanting a 300-350cc? 10D
    Under muscle, round, textured, dual plane, crease incision
    Moderate-High profile
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    still researching
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    158cm 50-52kg. Pre op 10A

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  1. I have also booked my surgery with Dr Rahdon on the 15th june.
  2. Thanks jade01 , Kylen40 , love and glitter xo
  3. Im researching for my own ba. I have narrowed down my surgeons and would love to hear from anyone that has had their breast augmentation at Body Recon in Geelong.
  4. Thank you Emilycharlotte. No i havent yet as im a few hours away and wanted to try and narrow it down to two and do them in the same day. They look great☺ can't believe your only 8days post op! I have heard from many to go with mentor. Im thinking mentor unders as i have very little breast tissue and between 295-365cc but i haven't decided on rounds or teardrop yet, i think I'll ask the surgron that one. Im only 156cm 50kg size 6-8 and barely fit into 10a so i dont want to go to big for my small frame.
  5. I am currently in the process of researching for my breast augmentation. I have narrowed my surgeons down to Mansoor mirkazemi, Richard Rahdon and Richard bloom. I would love to hear from anyone that has chosen these surgeons, your experience with them, why you chose them, what you had done?, and if possible pre and post op photos. TIA☺
  6. Hi JennaB89. thanks for the info. I have been struggling with deciding on a surgeon to get my ba. Im in victoria and have kids, so the closer the better for me. Look forward to hearing how your ba goes ☺
  7. Be careful girls! There are seems to be a few revisions that are from fake profiles with no photos, no post or pre op info and that only seem to comment on forum topics to recommend a certain surgeon. seems to me a surgeon is getting his secretaries or someone to do this for him. This is very worrying because as someone wanting a ba, i only want real information, advice and recommendations from real girls that have had ba, to help make the best possible decision in getting my ba.
  8. Hi Nessa1977. I would also like to know who your surgeon was in geelong. I'm not far from geelong.
  9. Hi girls. I need help deciding between rounds and teardrop. im so confused and keep changing my mind with all the ba reaults i see. I keep seeing ba and deciding on round then see tear drops and think oh maybe, then i go round in circles. Im size 6, 10a very deflated from breastfeeding my two boys and going to 14D back to a A barely. I'm 156cm tall. Im looking for a enhanced natural look that is not too big for my size. It feels like it will take forver to decide, but i want to be happy with my result. I'm thinking between 300-360cc under the muscle implants so far and have picked a surgeon, i just want to have an idea of what i want. i dont want the surgeon to decide for me and regret it later.any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  10. I have been told of a surgeon Dr Ian Holt, that works for skin face body in geelong, Ballarat and warrnambool? Has anyone one heard of him or had a BA with him? TIA ☺
  11. Thank you rattlie, that would be great.
  12. Thank you furny86 and abevemi. I will have a look thanks donatella
  13. Hi furny86 Thank you. Where is he located? I couldn't find him under surgeons on here, but i am new at the forum lol.
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