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  1. I'm hoping so, I just wanted to hear if anyone else had this problem and if it resolved itself or needed to be assessed by a surgeon...
  2. Seriously? I had my surgery done in Thailand.
  3. Hi girls, I'm 8 weeks post op on Sunday. Before surgery, my left breast was always slightly bigger. I got 300cc fitted in both, under muscle. My right one has dropped and I'm holding my implant in my lower pole, it feels so soft and natural and looks so great. However, my left one is really tight, is holding in upper outer pole and I'm worried that it won't drop. I'm massaging 10 minutes a day but there is no improvement. It looks considerably smaller because the muscle is squashing it in place. I'm worried, should I be? Any advice please girls xx
  4. it's surprising how the amount of cc look different on different people. No mine are moderate profile x
  5. They look amazing. So glad to hear you're recovering well and loving your new girls Racheal1981 xx
  6. no worries food was fine, I had spaghetti for dinner and cereal for breakfast. Both served with fruit salad and Greek yoghurt. My partner got room service - extremely cheap and good variety. I was slightly sick on my second day here and I have a delicate stomach. Stayed clear of seafood and always ask if the ice is mineral water. Good luck chicken. Xx
  7. FYI girls I just posted a big post about my experience in the forum. X
  8. Hi ladies, I have shared my positive experience of BA in Phuket, Thailand in the Breast Augmentation forum that isn't international. Photos included i have shared it there as it gets more views and my recovery with hopefully help more ladies xx
  9. A little bit about me: 25 years old with a degree in health and sport science. I had the opportunity to pursue a BA when my partner decided to get his teeth done in Thailand. My friend had recently gone through an agency and got her BA in Thailand and couldn't talk highly enough of the experience. I'd always been self conscious about my breasts, as I have an athletic figure with broad shoulders, I've also been hypomastia in that I (feel) I don't have enough breast tissue in accordance with my body stats (166cm 60kg). I've been wearing a 12C bra for the past 5/6 years depending on birth control (which i recently came off as it's so bad for ones mental and physical health) and so my breasts have fluctuated in size according to the pill/implant etc. Also, I was never exactly a C in that my chest bone has quite a significant dip so I had to fit in C bras to compensate for this but realistically I was a B cup and hoped to be a full D. My plan was to see how my breast looked after having children (which after breast feeding would be around 35 years old - I hope!) but when this opportunity became available, i thought it would be amazing to actually have breasts for the next 10 years and feel a little more confident in my body! When I decided to book in for the treatment I set myself a goal to become my healthiest self before surgery to enable a quick recovery. I spent the better half of 8 months training 6 days a week (Pilates), competing in 2 half marathons, upping my vitamin intake (spiralina, vit c, chlorophyll, magnesium, multi vit etc) and eating a 80/20 diet. (80% healthy 20% cheat) I booked everything on my own by contacting Bangkok Hospital Phuket myself and organising my treatment with Dr. Jib. FYI I also organised for my teeth to be cleaned, scaled and whitened the day after I arrived (I landed on the 6th, 7th dentist, BA on the 10th, depart on the 20th) BPICS (a lady called Ailada in particular) was very efficient with her emails and answered my endless questions! She organised pick up from airport to hotel and hotel to all appointments (return). With my partners teeth we are in hospital 8 days altogether out of a 14 day "holiday". She also organised all my medical treatment and got me to send through photos and medical information. The night before surgery I had a full body massage so that my back and pecs were nice and supple. I booked this back in April and time flew, next minute it was the 10th of Jan and I was face timing my mum out of my presidential suite at BPICS (free upgrade). I was really nervous and regretting my decision that morning, 70% sure I was making the wrong decision and that I should just wait (sounds terribly vain but I was worried breasts would make me look fat!!!). I am also terrified of needles and was literally sweating so much in the waiting room waiting for what was to come. I had blood tests (which I LITERALLY didn't feel!) blood pressure test, x Ray and a test on my heart (unsure of name but they attach suctioned plugs to different areas on the chest). I was then taken to see the surgeon and he is such a lovely gentleman. He spoke about the complications of surgery and why he performs them. It was 100% recited and probably very boring for him to say over and over but because of this wonderful forum, I knew every word! I took off my top and he took photos, I was then advised that my breast and stature could only fit 250-300cc. This shocked me as girls on the forum whom I know to be smaller than me had 375cc + fitted. When I tried on the 250c they looked nice but just like I was wearing a padded bra, same for 275. But 300 felt so feminine! I wanted to try on 325 also as I didn't want to sell myself short. These did look very big but a lot of girls say on here to go as big as possible because you lose size going under the muscle. We decided in surgery to go for 250-325cc I had the drip put in my hand whilst face timing my mum who knew how terrified I was - it didn't hurt a bit and my god that just set the tone for the rest of the day!! I waited 20 minutes then was taken down to the operating theatre with my partner. He kissed me goodbye and I was greeted by the anaesthetist who told me she would look after me. On the bed I began to panic thinking - what if something awful happens! What if they put me to sleep but I can feel everything. Next minute Dr Jib came over and held my hand and stroked my arm telling me that everything would be great. They also explained the type of pain I'd be in and how I might shake when I wake up because of the GA. When I woke up I immediately vomited on myself - more of a reaction to the tube down my throat rather than being in any pain. I knew where I was and felt like I had been asleep for about 2 hours (which I was!) my chest felt VERY tight like an elephant was sat on me. Dr Jib was there and told me he managed 300cc in each breast as 325cc was to stretched - I was happy. I relaxed in post op for 30min/1 hour then went back to my room feeling pretty good. My partner jumped up to see me and he said I looked great. He took photos of me and my boobs didn't look big at all, if anything they looked like I just had a padded bra on underneath my bandages. I face timed my mum who was over the moon. Every hour I had nurses checking on me. I felt a little yucky having the drips next to me but I just hid them under the blankets. It's very hard to get up as your arms don't work because of the pec muscle attachment (knowing lots about muscle origin and insertion was helpful). The nurse took me to the toilet and I thought I'd feel embarrassed but luckily my sister is a nurse and has ensured me it's not a big deal - I was able to "dab" wipe but couldn't pull up my pants. I managed to eat some fruit and slept on and off. I was also given lots of anti inflams and muscle relaxants. Slept that night really well, and in the morning I was able to go to the toilet by myself and get myself dressed. I was also able to lift my arms above my head. Dr came in and took out my drips at 9. I prepared myself for the worse as my mum passed out with the pain. On the whole it was the worse pain overall but it's justifiable. It doesn't hurt once it's over which is about 4 seconds. I was discharged at 11 and the driver was asked to drive carefully. I spent most of the day in bed with a lot of back ache. The bandages were SO tight that I was hunched over so much. I ordered room service and that was me done for the day!! The next day I headed into jungceylon and on the car ride there wehit a huge bump. It hurt more than my drips getting removed and I broke down crying. It felt like my stitches had been ripped open. After I calmed myself down I was fine. I got foot reflexology and did some shopping. Feeling fine just hated my posture as my back was so sore. Now here's a little secret that I haven't seen anyone share!! I used my sport sci degree here and I hope this information helps my fellow boobie-sisters out!! I bought 3 tennis balls and when I got back to the hotel I massaged my back with them. Simply stand with your back on the wall and start with one ball running up and down the vertical muscles on the side of your spine (erector spina or QL's) and squat up and down whilst it releases your muscles. I also did it on my traps. I did it for about 20 minutes altogether and felt like a new woman!!! I was so pleased. I then got into bed and lay down on two water bottles to help extend my spine - sounds crazy but it worked wonders. Next day I went to the hospital to see my surgeon to get my bandages off. I must admit - I wasn't impressed. They looked exactly like my old boobs - just swollen and pointed (YUCK!!!!) I listened to what he had to say about showering and bathing then left and shopped at Central Festival in my post op bra. I was feeling pretty ***** about everything but tried to remember that I just had major surgery and my muscles would be all tense and holding in my implants rather than relaxing around it. 7 hours after we got back to the hotel and i got my new girls out of their bra - WOW!!!!!!!! They had already bloomed (photos attached) I was so impressed and happy with how they looked! They looked so natural and my pain is subsiding all the time. Day 4 and I am extremely bloated, 4kg heavier as a result from the GA and antibiotics. Not too concerned as I am eating well and I know this is a natural reaction. I can lift myself out of bed, only a bit of pain in my left stitch & I must admit I'm feeling pretty normal. I am aware I may relapse if I don't keep up with medication and relax (hence dedicating today to lay by the pool) but I am very happy. I did not think I would recover so well! I believe I have healed so quickly because of my routine, previously mentioned, leading up to my op. I hope this post, although so long I don't know if you've managed to get to the end (hehe!) helps someone who has yet to have their operation. My plan now is to relax until the 20th, I begin work on the 28th Jan and will begin my normal exercise routine 8 weeks after surgery (mid March) For now, I will begin light exercise and healthy eating Any questions, I'm happy to answer!!!
  10. 3 days post op and weighing 4kg heavier. So bloated and feeling fat! Any special remedies? I've never bloated like this before, I legit look pregnant ?
  11. Hi girls, sounds like you're recovering well rachael1981 !! im 2 days post op, feeling better pain wise but thank god my partner is here with me because I'm pretty useless at sitting up by myself - as in, just can't do it! I've got really good movement in my arms, can do my hair quite easily however, can't carry a plate or open a door because of my pec muscles. I knew this so know surprise there. Going into Patong today to get my hair wash and blow dried and maybe a pedicure. I get out of breath really easily because my bandages are so tight, I feel like I'm a hunch back, it's quite ugly to look at!! I get my bandages off tomorrow looking forward to that. Keeping up with my meds - I'm on 6 different kinds. Not sure if that's normal but I'm allergic to penicillin, erythromycin and amoxicillin so they had to make a seperate set of medication for me - it's working though with no side effects which is great. Keep us updated girls, it's great to hear how everyone is going xx
  12. Hi ladies i have my Thai coconuts! After seeing my surgeon I felt really good about my op. He said my breasts wouldn't fit more than 300cc but he tried 325 just in case. They didn't fit me during surgery, told me it was too stretched. I'm happy with 300cc though was sick on myself coming out of surgery but now I've had a little something to eat and I'm holding it down my drips are in with very little blood - I think that's good. Feels like an elephant is sat on my chest but it's easing up a little. Will do a proper update tomorrow- for now, I'm enjoying my free upgrade to the presidential suite in my hospital ?
  13. Hey girls, just had my medical and now waiting to see the surgeon. My stomach is full of nerves and I'm still considering if this is the best move for me! So nervous! Will update after surgery x
  14. Hi there, I just wanted to post a thread on here about my experience at BPICS. I booked well in advance to have my teeth scaled, cleaned and whitened whilst in Phuket as my partner was booked in for extensive treatment at the hospital on his teeth (veneers, root canals etc). When you book you are also given an estimate of cost. I got their email through the website and was in contact with a lady called Ailada. The hospital is immaculate with all staff well presented and able to communicate well. We were taken to the 5th floor - cosmetic area, where we had our pulse and heart rate tested and then taken in for a consult with our doctors. I had my teeth cleaned and scaled - exactly the same process as in Australia. They use drinking water the whole time so no risk of upset stomach. I then went into another room to begin my whitening treatment. I did read up on this from people's experiences and learnt of the pain it could cause - online it says "some sensitivity" however, people said it hurt so much and for days on end. Some people said it hurt more than child birth - this worried me somewhat as I wasn't really prepared for that kind of pain! You are presented with colours appropriate for your teeth and then the dentist takes about 30 minutes preparing your colour and teeth. That process didn't hurt, it was quite relaxing actually and they covered me in a blanket and told me to go to sleep. The next stage was the zoom light which is attached to your jaw. 3 x 15 sessions. No pain until.... OUCH!!!!! Crazy crazy pain in one tooth, like the nerve was being damaged within my tooth. On and off for 3 seconds at a time. I thought, that's ok I can handle it. It was only one tooth throughout but my god it made me sweat!! Afterwards they showed me my teeth and my god they were outstanding!!!!!! Absolutely beautiful and mine were literally off the scale white - but did not look ridiculous. However, then the "sensitivity" came in. The pain was absolutely awful. One tooth at a time felt like it has been struck by a hammer! I had to count seconds down until it stopped as it was pretty unbareable. I was told by my dentist it would take about 24 hours to settle. However, I took 1 paracetamol and went to bed about 2 hours after treatment and my pain was gone for the rest of the day!! Awesome - but the memory of the pain I went through is still vivid. Youre only allowed to eat "white food" for 48 hours - this was a little hard in a foreign country but we made it work (think - carbs! Bread, pasta, rice etc) and I had Greek yoghurt and banana for breakfast. All in all, right now I'm not sure I'd go through the process again as it really did hurt. However, if you have a higher pain threshold than me (which isn't hard!) go for it! And I highly recommend the dentists here. Lovely people. All up it cost $400 on an exchange rate of 24.8 Aud - Thb xxx
  15. Hi girls, thinking of you all and looking forward to hearing how your surgery went! I fly out tomorrow and I'm feeling super nervous and unsettled. Second guessing myself and hoping I've packed the right clothes - I am so prepared but feel like I don't know enough! Much love x
  16. awesome girls im travelling with my partner, he and I are also having a bit of dental work done prior to my surgery (fun fun - not!) I've just discovered something really peculiar. I've worn 10C/D bras for the past, say 6 years. Since measuring myself for my post-op bras I've come to realise that I might have been wearing the wrong size bra for years! According to about 5 different bra websites I should be a 14a (I used to be a swimmer so have a broad chest but I wear size 8 clothes) my breasts do look like A cups but I have never fit into one probably because I would've never have thought to put myself in a 14!! How odd it that!
  17. Hi ladies, So glad i found this thread! I'm booked in on the 10th Jan with Dr. Jib at Bangkok Hospital Phuket. Unsure of size or implant type but i'm currently at SMALL 10C hoping to be a full 10D. Can't wait to talk to you girls about your experiences and go through our recovery together xx
  18. Oh girls thank for all these posts! I'm just about to order myself an Anna and Alice but wasn't sure what size. I am a 10C now and i'm unsure of the size implants i'm getting - I want to be a full D. What are your thoughts, please xx
  19. Thanks Gabby1 yes having them done in Thailand
  20. Hi Ladies, Youre all amazing, thanks so much for your info! i fly in on the 6th and I'm not having surgery until the 10th (anyone want to give me advice on this..? Is that the right or wrong thing to do?) so between those dates I was going to get mani and pedis - which of course I still can just without nail polish. I think I'll just go with safe rather sorry and remove everything. April6420 how was your op? Who did you see and how are you feeling? Xx
  21. Hi ladies, Trivial question I know - are you allowed to wear nail polish when you have your BA? I just remembered in Australia you're not allowed when you go under general anaesthetic and I would've had shellac on my toes had I not thought about this! let me know
  22. Hi AllyH Thanks so much for your feedback! I read through that so fast in hope you wouldn't go there because it sounds to me that they were quite unprofessional. I have only heard great things about Bangkok Hospital Phuket so fingers crossed I'll have the same experience i hope you can find someone suitable for you soon xx
  23. Great post Curley. I feel the exact same! I'm booked in for surgery Jan 2016 but I'm on this page almost every day researching and researching, asking myself if this is want I want. I fear I'll wake up and not feel feminine anymore, instead, fake! I'm worried about the size I'll go and if they'll suit me. I'm worried they may make me look fat! I am really into my fitness and look at people in the gym both admiring their bodies with and without boobs! I feel i look very athletic but.. With boobs what would this do to my figure? I'm worried about the complications, I'm 25 and would like children in the next 5-7 years, would I need them re-doing? Who knows! It's about weighing up the pros and cons. I am ok about going under the knife (I personally know girls who have gone under Dr. Jib in Bangkok Hospital Phuket) but, I'm not so sure about how I'll feel when I wake. So glad to hear so many of you other ladies also second guess yourself. I've read some horror stories about women getting their implants taken out just days or weeks after surgery because they regretted it so much!! Ahhh I can't imagine
  24. Hi girls, I'd like to know your thoughts on whether to go with PIAC or Bangkok Hospital Phuket. What info do you know about both that would perhaps sway me either way? x
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