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  1. Hey girls! So lifting my arms was the worst! It felt like id been at the gym for a week straight. I can move normally now, just hurts a tiny bit. My Fiancé had the week off as well so he's helped me so much. Make sure you have someone to help you too, it just makes it easier. Oh and a tip for the pills, write down the times you have them/ need to take them. Like a little schedule. This saved me cause i would have totally over done it otherwise haha. The twilight was fantastic! I was soo nervous that I would wake up during the op or something but it was all perfect. They give you pethadine to calm you down then they give you the midaz. I honestly didn't even remember them giving me that. I was out of it! It's really weird when you wake up and they help you get dressed - i dont remember it at all! Haha. Oh also make sure you have heaps of frozen peas for the 1st 2 days and then hot packs from then on. They helped heaps. I hope I've helped somewhat ☺ Stef xx
  2. The recovery was quite rough for me actually. The first 2 days were really awful but I'm much better now. I wasn't expecting so much stabbing pain but that's easing off now too. The meds made me sleep for most of the time so that helped I guess! Definitely the best decision I've made and worth all the pain as they look awesome already ☺ Hope you recovery is easier than mine!
  3. Hey! Yep I got Brazilians. 345ccs nuance under the muscle :-)
  4. Hi ladies! Just wanted to post an update! I had my surgery yesterday morning and everything went really well. Much better than I had expected. They hurt like hell now but look awesome already so I think it's definitely worth the pain! Will post some pics when I can move a little better! Thanks for all of your messages Stef
  5. Hey girls! Don't worry, it's all good ☺ My surgery date is 24th of Aug Lauren! I'm super excited and based on all the reviews and positive experiences of BAs in general I'm feeling a lot more confident in my choice to have them done. The only thing I'm wondering about is how heavy my chest will feel after the implants are in! I'm so used to having nothing haha. Hope everyone is going well! Stef x
  6. Wow thanks so much for the replies. It'so helpful to hear about all of your experiences. I've never had any form of anaesthetic so still pretty nervous but I know it'll be worth it. I'm mostly just excited now! How long did it take to start wearing normal bras and stuff? Info for Jugs and Boobenvy - Dr Harwood does promote Brazilians but may do others if you really want them... he's $9750 regardless of shape, size or under or over muscle technique. Includes everything. Thanks again girls! :-)
  7. Thanks so much girls! He answered all my questions about the sedation and their practices re. this so I feel better about it now. I have decided to go ahead so I'm booked in for the 24th of Aug! Good Luck Barbalicious40 - I'd love to hear how you go with your surgery in Dec Stef x
  8. Hi ladies! I am after any advice for my BA surgery with Dr Harwood. I'm currently an A cup and after my consult with Dr Harwood, we have planned to go with 345ml nuance tear drop implants, under the muscle. Has anyone had their surgery with him? How was the twilight sedation? Did you feel safe with his methods? Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much
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