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  1. THE UGLY...... My suggestion - brazillian's look revolting and fake and like bolt-ons on very lean women with no existing breast tissue! I ALSO DISPLACED BADLY WITH THIS IMPLANT - not "the holy grail" implant at all! THIS PIC WAS AT 6-7 months too, not the day after surgery, they never changed at all, worst implant ever
  2. You are so unbelieveably rude on all brazillian threads Just because yours haven't displaced, you haven't got CC & you've haven't experienced breast tissue loss due to their removal it doesn't mean that these implants don't cause problems in some women!! So if they are such a great implant why are so many women getting them removed???????? Like some of the other women have said - you have no idea what you are talking about because you have yet to experience problems with yours. Clearly, there are some problems with these implants as more and more forum members are expressing issues with these implants!! Me included!!!!
  3. i have also had complications (including breast tissue loss) from these horrible implants - removed 1 week ago
  4. 350cc with your stats won't look big at all on you They will look in proportion to your frame - a nice and natural looking size! It's natural to be a little nervous a few days before a BA....I always am...best of luck with it xxx
  5. good to hear yes, they look a nice size! They fit your body perfectly xx
  6. Exactly - I'd say he's on the opposite end of the scale.... Using the german poly tech breast implant which is the equivalent I believe...the leader of the brazzy pumping docs (Dr "I do the most BA's in Australia" Fleming)....has ordered a 3-4 month supply of this implant, the others will most likely follow suit...
  7. These look really really good Caramel I think your surgery went well...(I had noticeable issues with same surgeon day 1 of surgery) - think yours will work out perfect! x
  8. Hi, I also have brazillians (but rounds) and I am 5 months post op...mine did not change much at all...I started with zero breast tissue (like an A cup)....I honestly believe if you don't have any pre-existing breast tissue they don't change much at all....I have taken pics with my iphone since week 6 and not any seen any really noticeable changes....the ugly upper pole you get with these implants never goes away....at least for me....mine are still as high as they were at week 6 as well...& yes I still have the "ledge" you are talking about They really don't change much if you have no pre-existing breast tissue - I think because they are literally glued on to your chest wall Mine look very ugly, high waisted and fake - like bolt-ons....I hate them.... The result you have now won't change that much - same thing happened to me....your doctor's nurse is right....sorry to say x
  9. No worries I think they'll be a perfect fit for you - not too big and not too small xx You are still so swollen from surgery last week so right now they'll be looking bigger than what your end result will be...about at week 3-4 after my surgery I noticed mine "shrunk" a bit because all my swelling was going....so this is the time you should start to see the end result...at about week 6-8 this will be very close to your final size - at least for me then you can go get properly measured! Initially, brazillians sit high in a bra, like they don't actually drop into the cups properly (I noticed this at week 8) but by the time week 10-12 hits you'll find that they sit like normal boobs in bras again (ie. they fall into the cups)....hope this helps x
  10. I don't think your sized brazillians will look big on your frame at all - they will look in proportion My friend at work has similar stats to you, quite tall and with a good sized frame and she got 650ccs and they actually look a little on the small size with her stats! I wouldn't worry - they will look a nice size on you! Not too big at all If you were short and under 50kg than they would look quite big....I would love this size on me...lol... Also with brazillians because they don't physically drop like non-sticky implants I find they never look as big as a regular implant....the dropping of an implant makes it appear bigger...at least to me...I think because a dropped implant ends up sitting a little lower on your chest which gives the illusion that they are a little bigger than what they really are....whereas brazillians sit higher on your chest so they look a little bit smaller... Once all your swelling goes down in 4-6 weeks I think your body will look great - like an hourglass figure You won't look top heavy....or too big at all
  11. I have had 3 sets of implants and the longest lasted 7.5 years....I have had implants in me for the last 14 years...I had various sets replaced due to CC, double bubble and displacement, also one set replaced due to a botched BA surgery by a CS...revisons can be a little cheaper if you use the same doctor....like maybe by 1-3K....if you have private health insurance this helps even more....unfortunately I did not have this for 2/3 of my BA revisions... Every time I had to have them removed I replaced them with a fresh set...I love big boobs..haha....I guess if you decided against a new set you could simply just go back to your normal bust - I wouldn't do this though as I have no breast tissue left of my own due to having health issues to start with, hence the reason I got my first set of implants when I was 19.... You should always have some $ saved after a BA in case unforeseen complications arise....I always have, although it's been really hard as I have literally spent over 25k on augmentations/revisions in the last 14 years...it's the luck of the draw really, some women are luckier than others and require no revisions and have no complications for many years - others (like me) seem to always be stuck on the breast implant revision cycle.....it really sucks x I know one lady who had her BA in 1984 and they are still intact and she's had no complications - I wish I had her luck!!!!
  12. Lol...you are not weird at all, I have similar problems...I have a lean frame on a really small body - 157cm I am 22 inches aound my rib cage so very small like you.... I have had this issue since day 1 of BA's for me, it is very hard to find bras that fit - you really have to shop around! I found some nice Berlei and Bendon underwire bras (10E) that fit fairly well (but not perfect) from Bra's n Things after my most recent breast revison, perhaps try there for you? x
  13. I have these implants too...it's a bit of a worry....
  14. Yeah, I know - it sucks...I've been worried all day.... Yes, I'm same, I always think if it is made in Germany it will be of a high standard...lol... Best of luck with your BA - let us know how you go x
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