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  1. Sorry for the late reply mine were just over 2 years old when I had revision done.
  2. Hi all I have just had a revision for capsular contracture - silimed polyurethane replaced with polytech polyurethane, both times under muscle. I am two weeks post op now. I am wondering if anyone has taken a specific vitamin regimen for reducing the chance of capsular contracture recurring I am considering 1000mg natutal vitamin e. Arnica and milk thistle - has anyone taken thse before with success. What dose did you take? Is there anything else I can take or do? I am also on a antibiotic course for 6 weeks - rifampicin and minocycline. Thanks ?
  3. I had mine done on monday. Wear comfy clothes i had a zip up hoodie and tights. Take a small towel or blanket for under your seat belt for the car ride home to cushion new boobies .
  4. I had my ba today. I was incredibly nervous getting ready at home and kept having second thoughts. Glad i went thru with it. Nurses and doctor were wonderful.
  5. hi everyone im a bit late joining this thread. My surgery is on 13 july
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