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    Gold Coast
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    Grade 2 tuberous - Bilateral Breast Augmentation / Bilateral Round Block Periareolar
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    Dr. Miroshnik, 01/03/16
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    169/55kgs/Size B

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  1. I have my first consult in a few weeks with Dr. Sawhney first up and will be organising one with Dr. Theile Monday! BrizzyGal they look incredible ? I'm so excited to start this journey to beautiful boobies.
  2. Hey ladies, Im new here & desperate for advice. (Sorry for all the questions in advance?) I believe I'm tuberous. I honestly just thought there was something wrong with me as I've never spoken to anyone about it. I want to book consultations and looking for advice on who you'd reccomend in GC/Bris. What can I expect at the consult? I'm so embarrassed so I'm pretty nervous to finally talk to someone about it but I'm really determined to get something done about it and feel good about myself. is the surgery/recovery longer and more complicated then a standard BA? And are you happy and do you have "normal" looking boobs after, I'm worried I'll have the surgery and they'll still look awful and funny shaped. xo
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