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  1. maybe you should consider getting chin filler if you feel your jaw isn't defined enough that may change your side profile and then consider rhinoplasty if you're still not happy
  2. How are you feeling?? I have my surgery tomorrow so nervous
  3. my surgery is this Saturday will keep everyone up to date on my recovery and my advice. Feeling very nervous but ready to get it over and done with.
  4. Happy birthday!!!! how did your appointment go? How are you feeling?
  5. From the research I have done the swelling definitely increases after the splint and stitches are taken off as the splint is holding all the swelling in. So I think what your experiencing is pretty normal 9 days post op. Have you been using arnica cream and tablets? I think you need to be patient with your recovery I'm sure you will look amazing in the next month the swelling will reduce a lot more and you should start to see the end result.
  6. Glad it went well and they took such great care of you. Keep us posted on your recovery. If you could send any pictures of your progress that would be amazing. Take care
  7. Make sure you let us know how you go! Mine is 3 weeks from Saturday with Greensmith! Good luck
  8. It's $13,500 with hospital and anaesthetic I and private health
  9. I have surgery booked in with greensmith for 10th of October
  10. Hi does anyone have before and after photos from rhinoplasty with dr Andrew Greensmith that they would be happy to share? Mum having surgery in a few months and would love to see people's results thank you
  11. hi glad your surgery went well! Did you have to have a fascia graft as it was your second surgery?
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