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  1. I have them too! I was worried about this also. Mine are nothing to worry about but it's still scary ?
  2. I'm dreading the back pain, I also have a bad back. I've no idea how I'm ever going to learn to sleep on my back! I'm a massive tummy & side sleeper...
  3. haha don't worry, I only learnt how to reply to post not so long ago lol.
  4. I'm going under too ? I joined a few weeks back Hayles_1 ?
  5. Found it! I'm booked it with Dr Nyuyen at TCI on the 17th September ? I'm a small girl, but I'm hoping to achieve a full C, small D. So excited! But very nervous too!
  6. Sorry, I'm new... I have no idea how to find it or join lol.
  7. What date are you TallGirl? I'm the 17th ? Way too excited now that it's booked & paid for.
  8. So I'm FINALLY booked in! I've chosen to go with Dr Nguyen in Bondi as I love his results. Any ladies had their BA with him, what was your experience like? Looking at pictures & hearing someone's experiences are two totally different things, so I'd really like to hear from you ?
  9. Nope not yet, that's on my 'to do' list tomorrow! I emailed them a couple of days after sending through my pictures & they assured me they were with the surgeon for review. It's exactly 2 weeks tomorrow since sending them through so I'm getting a little frustrated & feel like just giving up on the whole thing.
  10. Exciting!!! Congratulations How long did it take for you to receive an email back saying your suitable for surgery? I've been waiting a week and a half now! I know TCI are super busy, but thought I'd have a response by now... I just want to book in already!!
  11. I'm all clear!! Thank goodness ?
  12. I've had a swab done, just waiting on results... I'm more interested to hear how the recovery was after BA.
  13. Thank you ladies ? nice to know I'm not the only one with this fear! It's driving me insane!!
  14. Hello again ? Has anyone had golden staph in their breast as a result of mastitis & went ahead with a BA? Interested to hear your experience with this.
  15. So, my BA journey has just begun. And to say it's been a bumpy ride is putting it lightly! Back in early 2008 I was diagnosed with MRSA in my left breast after having my first born. Due to this, I've had to book swabs & a mammogram just to make sure surgery is fine to proceed! I've chosen TCI, still tossing up between Dr Lee & Dr Kwok... Applied for finance - SUCCESS! Yes! Ive been considering BA seriously since 2009, have research a ton & finally decided this is definitely what I want. BUT - I have an overwhelming fear of not waking up, ever. I know all surgery does have this ris
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