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  1. @Hannabee92 make sure you use your ice packs often and keep on top of your meds and regular arnica tablets and cream. If you can avoid endone do so as constipation makes it harder on the pain under your ribs. Don't worry it shouldn't last too long. The stretching he recommends is really helpful too I found
  2. Bendon have 50% off bras atm. I just bought 2 Heidi Klum bras. The Madeline contour and Olivei contour, so pretty and super comfy too!
  3. Hi @Hannabee92, I had the pain under the ribs. That and on one side of my left boob was the worst. It lasted well over a week but at 5 wks post op I'd forgotten about it. (I'm a Dr M lady also ☺)
  4. Hi @PT and @imeauxxx. I'm 173cm and 55kg so very similar stats and had surgery with Dr M 5wks ago. He recommended 330cc for me based on my height. I was after a very natural look. I was a very deflated b/a cup after breastfeeding. I was really confused over size so went with what he recommended. I've been bigger breasted a couple of times in my life so sometimes it seems huge (without clothes) but with clothes on its not so noticeable. I have been feeling a bit frumpy in my work shirt, but in other clothes fantastic. I'm wondering if a little less side boob would have been more flattering as I always tried to move sizers closer. but its early days and there is still a long way to go. The sizers I tried on in his room were accurate. I'm a 12c in pleasure state. Naked I'd be happy with smaller, clothes on I'm happy. I probably haven't been clear but I'm tired and off to bed. PM me if you have any questions.
  5. None of the surgeons I spoke to considered hp for some reason. I'm thinking I would have liked them though to get more lift off my tummy with clothes.
  6. Thanks @KittenLover I had no idea how to do that either. I did a short drive Monday which was 11 days post op and definitely felt I wasn't safe on the road. Yesterday (12 days) I went back to work and felt better on the road and ok at work. Just stiff, lack of movement and really tired in the afternoon with a killer back ache last night. This morning my one side that feels like I've torn something (sightseeing bus in Sydney??) is hurting but icing made it a bit better. Funny though I had a hot shower after and my boob stayed cold whilst the other was warm. Will definitely be investing in scarves like other ladies on here have recommended. Sorry @Viv I haven't had a band so no help
  7. I'm finding driving the worst. Just such a weird sensation. First time last night I just wanted to pull them out. Good luck Un-decided!
  8. KittenLover I had swelling into my torso on day 4 badly. It shortened my shopping expedition so really upset me ? It went away the next day when I rested on the flight home. I'm noticing it's tender there when I'm overdoing it. Arnica both externally and internally is the best. For anyone interested talk to your local naturopath and there is a new Bioceuticals 7 day extra high dose of probiotics perfect for after antibiotics and surgery. Good luck tomorrow New_boobies. Your in good hands!
  9. Hi Ladies, I was being such a busy sightseer in Sydney I didn't have time to check in here. Back at home and still super busy. So much for a rest before work. Going really well. Avoided the endone as didn't want the dramas. I agree with New Girl, it feels very much like milk coming in. I ended up with 330cc on both sides so had a shock when I saw that in the morning as they were meant to be at least 50cc difference btwn the two. Apparently my muscle is so thick on the bigger side it squashes it down. Glad he went 330 not smaller as first suggested as they don't look big at all. Can't tell with clothes on. I haven't taken any photos yet. To be honest I haven't examined that closely they appear to be similar is size but more swelling in left with swelling in the sternum going down. Hate the pregnant belly look! I've FR the first in the list and will do so more later. Hope everyone is feeling fine
  10. I'm booked in for this Thursday at Bondi. I had to go by date and was told by reception there wasn't any difference. I guess if I had a choice I'd go closer to St Vincents though.
  11. Hi Ladies, I'm with Dr Miroshnik this Thursday. Not sure on size, can't wait to meet him and discuss it ?
  12. I've had consults with both Guy and Tony. Both really nice and they were of the same opinion. Guy's price was a lot more reasonable as he said they are conscious of the competition interstate and overseas. I get the feeling he has done most of his work overseas and the reviews in the US are glowing. My GP recommended him if that helps at all
  13. If you look on breastimplants.com they have plenty of women over 40 on the gallery.
  14. Yes only 1 Suki. I didn't ask to see any though so my own fault. I'll book another consult this week and all will be answered I'm sure.
  15. That's good to know thanks. It must have come out wrong, I meant this forum used to have some galleries which some ladies had shared ?
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