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    Breast augmentation 425cc smooth mentor high profile under the muscle
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    Dr James Gaffield 14/08/2015
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  1. I took 2 panadeine forte because I'm afraid of dentists lol it hurt a little bit and a bit sensitive when they wash and drill the glue off, it's a pretty amazing feeling afterwards I was smiling like a dickhead all day lol
  2. Hey they're pretty much exactly my stats only I got 425cc you're more than welcome to friend request me to see my albums ?
  3. I have round unders feel free to friend me so you can look at my gallery ? I'm 12 months post op
  4. @Holly I finally found someone to do it! I go in on the 29th of this month. her name is Sally Rodrigues she's in Mackay, it's costing about $3400 all up. she did go to question my age and I gave her a letter I typed up stating all the contraception I've tried and the side effects from each, and my reasons to not want anymore kids, after that she had no problems
  5. Hi all for the last few months I've been experiencing a sharp almost stabbing pain the runs from my nipple to my rib cage I guess, it was particularly bad today, almost all Day it's been hurting. I've put it down to nerve regeneration in the past but now I'm not so sure, I'm 12 month post op on the 14th of next month, surely this isn't normal so far post op? im going to ring my ps on Monday but thought I would get opinions on what it might be here in the mean time, or if anyone has experienced the same thing and what it was?
  6. I haven't had an internal bra, but just wanted to say keep on top of your pain killers I got given panadiene forte and diazepam and I set an alarm in my phone so I didn't forget, I was near comatose for 5 days ? Also when i got up I would hold my boobs with my forearm (if that makes sense) so gravity didn't pull them down
  7. Did any of you celebrate your 1 year boob anniversary lol mine is next month and I told the fella i'm seeing and he said I should have a boob party lol
  8. I got 425 mentors in August last year, I've had no problems with rippling or any other problems for that matter i asked the same thing to my surgeon and he said once there's a small amount of pressure on them the ripples go away he demonstrated on the one sitting on his desk
  9. I've got issues with Gerd, IBS and I've got a hiatal hernia, I've had no change since having implants 10 months ago i had my gall bladder out 4 years ago which most of my problems stem from
  10. At first mine got worse but they've Dulled down heaps now, I'm 10 months post op ? I wasn't veiny before my BA
  11. Mine definitely got bigger when I was first fitted into a bra I was a 10d a few weeks later I was fitted into a 10E i had mentor 425cc high profile
  12. BA-finally

    Oil pulling

    Lol I'm the same! It's so much easier to do it than I thought though I did it again this morning I love how clean my whole mouth feels after, though it was hard to do it before my coffee haha i just make the kids breakfast and have a shower while I do it
  13. BA-finally

    Oil pulling

    Just wondering if anyone here does oil pulling? And what your experience has been with it... i just started doing it today
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