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  1. Hi Pepper9 u can get non stick bandages from the chemist which come of very easily so it doesnt stick to the wound. Another good hint is put vasiline on the wound then put the panty liner over the wound, again it wont stick and will support your breast, use some white medical tape to keep them in place ☺
  2. I recently had reconstructive breast surgery done by Dr Piyapas in Phuket. Thought i would capture my experience for anyone who is curious. I had previously had silcon implants done 23 yrs ago and notice my breast started to look different,as my sister had used Dr Piyapas i thought i would send ui some pictures and see what he recommended. Dr Piyapas is very thorough and provided a consultation over email with me sending photos. I had consulted drsmin Brisbane but wasnt confident in their ability. I am now into my 5th week of recovery from having my previous implants taken out, damaged breast tissue removed and new implants put in. The recovery is slow and uncomfortable but not painful all the time. I used pain killers for the first week but cut down to every 2nd or 3rd night after that. I also had Vaser Lippo surgery on my legs at the same time. The legs were ok for the first few weeks but got sore as time went on, this is due to the bruising coming out and the tissue needing to reattach to the wall of the skin. You just wear the garmet fornthe full 6 weeks and i will continue to wear it at night for another few weeks yet. It is uncomfortable and at times i thought i would rip it off n burn it but the results will be worth it. Dr Piyapas is a very gentle and caring Doctor, he held my hand as i went under anesthetic and was very caring when he came to see me in the days after the surgery. The hospital inp huket is fantastic and the nurses are very good, the language barrier didnt really create any problems they just seem to get on with the job of looking after you. The room is vry big and u can have a friend stay with u which is nice, mine had her teeth whitened while she waited for me I would recommend taking a couple of pair of underwear and a light robe with u for your stay. I took my ipad which was good as i was in hospital for 5 days due to being a bleeder so this helped pass the time, TV is not very good over there, so load up on movies before u go. WiFi is very good inthe hospital. Make sure u try to get up and move about by day 2 as this will help recovery, i spent my time walking the hallways just to get my muscles moving. I am not back to full exercise yet But have been walking 3 kms since week 2. I went back to work week 3 which was too early considering the amount of breast tissue i had rremoved.When your body tells u to rest make sure u do, it will assist in a quick recovery. I had 400cc implants which were slightly larger than the previous 350cc, that said if u are having breast tissue removed u need that bit extra to fill in where your breast used to be. If u are unsure of the size u want, go a little bigger than u think. Both my sister and i agree on this as she wanted DD to E and ended up with DD's she now wishes she went that bit extra to an E. I was previously 12DD and have ended up with the same, so am happy with the result. Dr Piyapas will err on the side of caution so ask if u want them bigger. Becareful when paying that the hosipital will hit u with a fee for transferring the money via credit card, mine was $19k and the fee on top was $486- wasnt expecting that. Make sure u buy a very firm fitting sports bra for after the surgery-no underwire. U need a couple of bras as u are in them 24/7. If you are having vaser lippo buy the garmets i australia the one they use in the hospital is not good quality-wish i had known that beforehand. Take some snack food as sometimes when taking medications u need a little something in your stomache before u take them. i am very hapoy with the overall result and care i recieved at the hospital and from Dr Piyapas, would def recommend him to anyone. Hope this helps ☺
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