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  1. My revision recovery was just as painful as my initial surgery ?
  2. OMG these boobs are actually perfect!! I can't decide on my size ?? I wish there was a way to see how you would look after it!! I have 295 ATM moving to 500 or 550 can't decide so I'm searching for 500cc threads here haha! @L what size did you go with in the end? Were you happy with the choice!!
  3. That would be great thanks Hun!! Not too far off me now actually! I was an a before the first surgery!
  4. I have my revision next week with eddy Dona!! Deciding on the size will be the death of me. He said he will bring 4 options on the day and we will chat before surgery!!! Hardest decisision ever haha ?? Hey girl do you mind me asking your stats? I'm trying to decide between 500 and 550s too now for my revision!! I have 295 at the moment so I'm upsizing!!!
  5. Well this is freaking me out haha! I have my revision surgery to fix my cc next Tuesday and currently have 295 teardrop implants and I can't decide between going 500 or 550 rounds now but I'm so paranoid of looking fatter than I am! I've always wanted to go bigger since day 1 but I'm so torn now! I read some things about just going the biggest they offer and now I'm reading this is not helping! ? I would hate to come out wishing I went bigger but in the same light I don't want to look like a fatty boomba
  6. Yeah I'll check with him! Might have to stick to the toddler pool at waist height then haha damn
  7. Ladies - I'm getting my revision surgery at the end of this month and I have a holiday booked three weeks after.. does anyone know how long until I can swim? I'll be devastated if I can't even get in the water and I only just thought of it now ??
  8. That's awesome, I have had a few consults and the out of pocket expenses range from about $8-13k. Good to hear the anaesthetist is covered under PHI though, I was never sure on that part either?
  9. Yeah that's what I was kinda worried about.. I have capsular contracture so they will definitely have to remove the existing capsule with the revision!
  10. True but I would be travelling up to Sydney for it ?? would have to book a hotel! How was your revision with Dr Dona? Did it all go well? I tend to read good things about him ? Also, Did you have drains for the revision? One of the other consults said that you tend to bleed more for revision and that's why drains are usually used.
  11. Yeah I could always ask that... Although I think he only operates out of a day surgery so who knows...
  12. I have had quite a few consults for revision surgery and I'm now possibly looking at dr dona. His offices said that he performs revision as day surgery so you are not required to stay overnight. Each of the other consultations with surgeons (4 consults) have said that revision is more complicated and they require you to stay overnight in hospital. im just wondering if anyone has any comments on this? Has anyone gone with the day surgery option? My original surgery in 2010 required that I stay overnight. Dr dona looks to do some good revision work. The surgeon I was planning on going with in Canberra didn't have any revision photos available for me to look at which kind of put me off...
  13. Because I had been to the surgeon and found out about the problem it was considered a pre existing condition. PHI agencies can access all of your medical records. So I have to wait the 12 months
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