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  1. Hi all I had a revision from 300cc round mods to 410cc round HP about 3 months ago. There is a big difference on me but I'm quite small (5'2 and 50kg) with 12.5cm BWD. Also I had nothing to start with. Feel free to send me a FR if you want to see my before/ after pics.
  2. Hmm, I don't really know about what to expect with brazilians but I thought that they were supposed to stay where they were placed. Did your dr recommend a strap or anything to push them down? I can understand why they would measure the same if all the extra size is in the upper pole. I seem to have heaps more upper pole on the right than the left which is annoying and I'm hoping it will drop too. My right side is still hard and tight too ....I guess it's still pretty early so hopefully with time they'll soften and drop?!
  3. I'd be interested to know too. How. Any weeks post revision op are you? Im about 4 weeks post revision (from 300cc mods to 410cc HP) unders. I have heaps more upper pole fullness and more projection too...I'm hoping they'll drop/ settle a bit cause they look so big and fake at the moment!
  4. Hi mums2, yes, I have pics of both. I think the extra 110cc made a big difference on me cause I'm quite skinny, bony (up top only!) im only a couple of weeks post op with the 410ccs and they still seem quite enormous and only just fit into some of my tighter, fitted tops/ dresses! If I didn't have such a pear shape/ booty I think I would prefer the 300cc but I think the 410cc balance me out more. At the moment I feel like 350cc may have been best and probably closest to the size of my breast feeding boobs. i wanted a natural look but it seems like I had to choose between a massiv
  5. Thanks Chinchilla, that's good to know. I will see if I can find some of those. What did you wear for the first 6 weeks without underwire? I was thinking about just pulling the underwire out of my 'fantasie' bra but I'm not sure if that would work! I agree, the complete comfort doesn't seem as supportive.
  6. My surgeon didn't say the bottoming out was due to my bra...cause the first signs of bottoming out we're obvious from the beginning...so it could have been an over-dissected pocket ....or he asked me if I lifted anything heavy early on (I opened a heavy door but he didn't think it was that). ....so don't really know why. He said that because it happened once there's a higher chance it could happen again and he thinks that a really supportive bra is necessary. Also I'm pretty active and even though I'm small my pecs are quite strong and push down on the implants when I do yoga etc i gu
  7. Hi all I ended up buying a 'Fantasie' bra size 8E online...I was also reading that 'Freya' bras are good? Anyone tried one of those? I also tried an 'Evollove' bra 8E in Myer which seemed to fit well but was a bit colourful and padded. My boobs feel so massive at the moment that I'm trying to find an unpadded supportive bra (but may have to wear bandaids for the headlights!) I was reading online (on a US bra website called 'Her Room') that bras with 2 or 3 sections in the cup are much more supportive than the 'molded/ smooth' type of bras. Does anyone know if that's true?
  8. Feel free to send me a FR too, I was flat after breast feeding and went to about 10C/D cup (looked like a C) with my first BA with 300cc mods. I have pics of them and also my revision with 410cc HP if you want to see the difference. I liked the 300cc but not the 4 finger gap so I went bigger/ wider with the revision. Now 10D/ 8E.
  9. Thanks GeorgiaP I think an extra 110cc made quite a difference. I'm still getting used to them...good thing is I can still fit easily into all my tops!
  10. Hi ladies Can any one recommend a good supportive bra that comes in sizes around 8E or 10D? After my first surgery one side bottomed out. I just had revision surgery and the capsule was repaired but I'm worried that if my bra isn't good enough I might bottom out again. At the moment I'm wearing the post surgery bra but am thinking of switching to a bras n things complete comfort or something else if anyone can recommend a really supportive bra with a small band size?? thanks
  11. Hi ladies I realise a few of you have already had your surgery but if any other petite ladies want to see my photos to help them decide I got 300cc a year ago then 410cc just recently (cause I needed a revision for one side bottoming out anyway). I liked the 300cc but not the 4 finger gap between them so I went bigger and a little wider for more cleavage. Im quite petite/ thin but my BWD was about 12.5cm and pretty flat after breast feeding.
  12. Hi sugababiI have similar stats to you and was almost flat pre ba thanks to breast feeding. My first ba I wanted the natural look and got 300cc. My left side bottomed out (straight away) and I had a revision recently and changed to 410cc because i had a 4 finger gap and wanted more cleavage. They don't look that natural at the moment cause I need to put on some weight, but under clothes they don't look fake. I have pics of both if you want to send me a FR. All the best. Ps I'm wearing about a 10D or 8E.
  13. Thanks ladies. Saw my dr who said not to worry its completely normal. My incisions are intact so it must just be the internal stitches pulling when I sneeze! However with this type of capsule repair I won't be able to lift anything heavy or do running etc for ages...like 3 months..to make sure I don't bust open the capsule repair! Take care of your new assets everyone
  14. I agree with mumof5, probably better to stay in a hotel at least for the first night. You wouldn't want to overdo especially since you'd be full of pain meds and might not realise at the time what you should/shouldn't do if you know what I mean. Also ask the anaesthetist for some anti nausea meds if you think it might be an issue. They can usually give you something so you don't wake up sick and also to take home with you if necessary. All the best
  15. Just added pics before the upsize (300cc mods) and after surgery (410cc HP). They are private so please send a FR and message if we aren't already friends. I'm only a week post op so they still have some settling to do i guess....not sure if there's much of a drop n fluff process after a revision? I'd love to hear if anyone knows about the revision recovery process - especially if you had a capsule repair with internal stitches.
  16. Hi all I just had revision surgery for bottoming out and also upsized from 300cc round Mods to 410cc round HP (both unders) to get more cleavage as I had a wide gap. My surgeon released the capsules a little towards the centre to narrow the gap a bit and used internal stitches to close the bottom of the capsule where the implant had bottomed out (called an internal capsulorraphy or an 'internal bra' I think). So far the recovery is going pretty well, definitely not as generally painful as the first time round but there is more sharp sudden pain in the area around the incision on the
  17. I used 100% organic rose hip oil too and found it was great. I also used a 'proactive acne soap' on my chest after my surgery because i got terrible breakouts afterwards....i think maybe a reaction to the anaesthesia/ meds or something!
  18. Hi all I'm due to get a revision breast augmentation soon (my first op was about a year ago but my left implant bottomed out and my implants sit a bit wide). I just tried on my post surgery bra from last year and it seems way too big/stretched with a big flat space in the middle. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good post surgery bra that would be supportive and not let my new implants migrate to the sides too much/ minimise the cleavage gap if you know what I mean? Also I should say I think I'd need about a size 8-10 band...I noticed the Target ones start at size 12
  19. Thanks again the fox. Very good points. I didn't realise a higher projection could help narrow the cleavage. I checked out sezzy12b, she has fantastic revision results!
  20. Thanks the fox. Wow my current implants have the same projection as yours 4cm but are only 12cm wide - I've got a lot of side boob but a bit of a gap between. Did you go over your BWD with the 13.6cm? My PS wants to use a 12.3cm wide implant for my revision even though my BWD is about 12.5cm because he's afraid they'll end up in armpits if he goes wider.
  21. Thanks for your advice The Fox and indie12. Did you have mod profile, HP, XHP TheFox? Do you remember the width/projection? Yours look great. Are you happy with the size now? I'll message Sezzy12B to ask what she thinks about swapping from smooth to textured. I sent you a FR inde12...all the best with your revision soon!
  22. Hi all I haven't been on the forum for a while...trying to keep my mind off my complication/ revision. Anyway for those of you following my story i have an update. Just to re-cap, my left side bottomed out (became obvious at 5 months post op) and am planning a revision with my original plastic surgeon to fix the bottom out and also upsize and narrow my wide cleavage gap a bit. i went to another surgeon Dr Miroshnik for a second opinion just recently for peace of mind that I'm making the right decision. My original surgeon recommended a revision with internal stitches to the bottom and sid
  23. Hi sezzy Can't wait to hear how your revision went...I'll be going for one in a few months too. I hope your recovery is easier and less painful second time around:)
  24. Thanks everyone. All the recommendations were great but I've made a booking for a consult with dr miroshnik who has lots of revisions pics on his website and is also more convenient for me with public transport (from Canberra). Im just hoping his advice will be similar to what my surgeon has already suggested or I won't know what to do! I asked a revision specialist on another website for advice and they also suggested getting a wider implant... my ps said he thinks these will just push into my armpits too much even with internal stitches to the outer capsules
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