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    Hi all
    I had a revision from 300cc round mods to 410cc round HP about 3 months ago. There is a big difference on me but I'm quite small (5'2 and 50kg) with 12.5cm BWD. Also I had nothing to start with. Feel free to send me a FR if you want to see my before/ after pics.
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    Thanks ladies, FR accepted Milly.

    Yes, I think I'll go the 395cc HP. I spent about an hour talking with my PS and showed him lots of pics to try to communicate what I was after (fuller with more cleavage but still natural) and understand how my result after another op would be different to what I have now. I'll prob have the surgery around mid year.

    I just wonder if I should seek another PS opinion.....I'm just a bit tired of the whole process!

    I did ask some American plastic surgeons online (on realself) with my pics attached, and there were a few opinions....increase size to around 400cc but go with a moderate plus profile, go around 400cc HP, or stick with what I have and get lipo on the thighs to balance me out! Some said HP always look fake but I don't think that's true after looking at the ladies with HP on this forum. Some said I could close the gap a bit and some said I wouldn't be able to get the gap any narrower....made me even more confused I think!!
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    Thanks ozpixie

    My PS doesn't want to use furries, he's just going to stitch the pocket up a little at the bottom so the implant will sit in the right place...sounds easy enough but I'm sure will be painful! I think it's called an Internal Capsulorrhaphy (otherwise known as an 'Internal Bra'). He'll do the other side too as a preventative measure.
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