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    New Zealand
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    BA. 450cc HP Round Unders, Textured Silicone Mentor
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    Dr. Boonchai. 1st Nov 15
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    157cm, 53kg, 10B, Gym Junkie Bod

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  1. Thanks haha. Yes when I look at photo I think oh my.. They're a bit large, but they suit my body shape and size really well in a full profile shot. I went rounds
  2. Yes they feel very 'natural' haha. Well that's what all my friends who have had a feel say! Haha. I got Mentor Cohesive I implants (Silicones) Thank you chick!
  3. Aw thank you ladies! Here is a photo from today (8months PO 1st August) in the new bra the other half got for me.
  4. Size and Height? 157cm (5ft 1-2) and 53kg (now 54 with implants) I used Dr Boonchai when he was based at PIAC (PPSI and went 450cc
  5. I had drastic D&F over a 6 month period. Both these photos are post op. One week and 6 months.
  6. Hello Ladies, Just a lurker finally posting my results. Almost 9 months post op now Surgery was on the 1st Nov 2015! 8A to 8FF
  7. Hello I am booked with Dr. Boonchai for the 1st of November. He has been highly recommended and has a flawless record for amazing BA. I have yet to hear something negative! I would recommend going through PIAC direct - it saves you the hassle of having a middle party and saves money! I originally went through an agent, and when they slapped the bill on me for items which were included in the cost of going direct, I canned them. Best decision I could do and saved me a bit of money! PIAC have been fantastic to deal with in all aspects and reply the same day for most of my questions. The girls on here that have used him have amazing results, and their Private Group on Facebook is AMAZING for seeing all the surgeons work and any questions you have about PIAC.
  8. I am liking the look and sound of the Carefix Lot.. Thank you ladies
  9. I'd assume you will have figured out what size you may want to be and your surgeon will go out and achieve it but the bras I have found tend to have generic sizing (S, M, L etc) and have charts to match. Eg: I am a XS, However popping through my current band width of 10/32 and desired breast size being 10DD, I'd fit an M size in the Carefix Anna bra. Ive been told by a few ladies to go a little smaller so as to compress more.. but yes it seems it could also be a gamble! I just know what size I'm wanting to achieve on my frame and hope Dr B helps me achieve that.
  10. Hey Ladies. Wanting everyone's opinions on post op bras, or sports bras, compression bras, whatever tickled your fancy, for the first few weeks after surgery. Ideally brand and type; and what's current or been replaced. I have been told the ones we get are comfortable for some, not so much for others so bring a spare (or two) with. I am going with PIAC, Dr Boonchai, all booked and paid for and just wanting to be extra prepared. My stats are: 5.15Ft (157cm), 52kg, Gym Junkie body. 10 A/B Deflated as once was D, wanting to go 10DD/E. So any one with similar that found a bra that worked would be great also.
  11. Oh! I must be first then; I have my BA booked in for the 1st November with Dr. Boonchai at PIAC! Taking my partner along and will be off work for 3 weeks! (Yay!) Still a while away but getting excited already.
  12. Awesome! Sounds great. Thanks everyone
  13. Getting mine done with Dr. Boonchai 1st Nov. apparently he's amazing and I'll be sure to update once I have undergone my BA. The ladies call him the boob guru.. Must be in trusted hands then!
  14. Hi Guys, BA booked for 1st November, and have been left with the single question of what implants PIAC actually use? Surgeon is Dr. Boonchai. I have done a quick Google and couldn't find anything. So any factual advice works!
  15. Binned the agency and went direct. Things moved a lot quicker, and now flights, accomodation booked and paid for and surgery is commencing! Booked for 1st November with Dr. Boonchai. Excited but nervous!
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