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    200cc low profile round brazilian unders
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    Vucak 1.7.15

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  1. Hi girls I just felt like posting for any of you who may be looking for a very very natural look. I had 200cc round silimed furry Brazilians under muscle done about 1 month ago and initially was worried that they were too high and round. But after only a month they have settled and fluffed and look and feel already very soft and natural. I am very happy and can't stop looking at them Anyway, I want to encourage those who are worried immediately post op as I too was worried but it was all unnecessary and I just had to give it some time. Xxx Sorry forgot to say they are low profile.
  2. Hi Girls, So a little update... even after 12 days they look soooooo much better. Weird... Much less upper pole and much more lower pole and very very happy. Almost looks natural . Obviously should have trusted Dr Vucak, he was amazing from the start. So I will see how it all goes over the next few months. Thanks for all your support.
  3. Dr M V in Townsville. He said they won't change much
  4. Does anyone know anything about doing a manual release of the muscle to lower the implant? I can't stop feeling that I want a revision already boohoo
  5. Large B/small C but I wanted teardrop I am having teardrop!! Hubby says he loves them and thinks they're better than banana boob but I want banana boob!!!
  6. You guys are kind. I love this forum. It helps so much to talk to other chicks about boobs as I can't talk to my 4 kids or my mother about it!!
  7. Hi girls, Hopefully some of you can help me. I am 1 week post op 200cc low profile round, furry brazilian unders. Small I know, but perfect for me. However I feel the surgeon has put the implant too high and my upper pole is too full and unrealistic looking. I told him I wanted a very natural look, but I don't feel that way. I am not sure whether a compression strap will help or whether the lower pole will fill out more as everyone says they stay put (damn it!!) My pictures show my boobie idol Kate Hudson, and my before shot with the tape measure (when I was breastfeeding and I showed the surgeon this pic - then stopped breastfeeding and went down to a 10AAA!!! Then my post op is the pic without the tape measure. I feel like I want to have a revision already as I haven't told anyone about my surgery (except hubby) and I didn't want to look fake. Any suggestions?
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