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  1. I did it. Omg i was not prepared for the pain after though however I was avoiding taking endone but had to take some last night to sleep. This was 1 day post op before my shower last night. I am quite bruised
  2. yep, im not on the list. Im on 30th with dr dash 4 sleeps to go
  3. Ohhh i dont post in here very often. had my consult yesterday and everything is set to go for next wednesday. 5 more sleeps :-D Going for 485cc hp. Can not wait to say goodbye to my sacks of skin lol
  4. Im new to this group. Im having my BA on 30th September with dr dash. Starting to freak out lol. Not long to go
  5. Yep Minnie Mouse, I am exactly the same. Im not looking at getting breasts of a 20 year old either. just want them filled out, im guessing that means upper pole as well. Im waiting until tuesday to book in for a consult so i can organise with the other half to get some time off. Im stressing as i dont have anyone to watch the children when i go to the consult except for hubby and i really want him to be in there with me. Thank you TheFox, Will go and see if i can find your before and after pics.
  6. I have heard good things about Dr Dash. Were you borderline lift or just a straight forward BA. I have found a picture (Not one of TCI before and after) of a woman with very similar breasts to mine so I am hoping that i can get a similar look, the description said they were round 485XH's but im so new to this i have no idea what that means lol I am starting to freak out about all this investigation things, but am fully aware that complications can happen with any type of surgery so will still go to my consult.
  7. Hi im just after reviews on surgeons at tci bondi. Especially for those that were borderline lift and still just went ahead with a BA. dr kwok is going away and the soonest i can get in for a consult is at the end of October so just seeing what my other options are. Thank you
  8. sorry to jump in on your post but kateee how did you find dr kwok. Im booked for a consult with him at the end of October. Im borderline needing a lift and Freaking out already lol
  9. Thank you for your opinions :-) I have just spoken to my hubby (His away working atm) and i think i may go for the consult. its only a 4 hour drive up to sydney. Im not after a great result, just better than what i have. I know that if i go ahead without a BL that i am going to get some sag, that doesn't overly bother me i just want some more fullness. :-)
  10. I have just received my email from TCI stating that i am borderline lift, I have done so much googling but thought that i would just come here to ask as it would be easier to get info lol. If i can attach pics i will so you will understand what i mean. I dont want to get a BL but just get a BA. Im 32 years old and hate my breasts at the moment so would just be happier with fuller breasts as they are so deflated after breastfeeding 3 children. Is there anyone else that has similar breasts and am happy after they have had a BA alone. Thank you
  11. My feeder boob has finally gone done to what it was like before yay... might be able to send photos through to tci and get an opinion instead of sitting here wondering
  12. that does help thank you heaps. Im currently sitting at a 10b also
  13. may i ask who you are going to please? i think my feeder boob makes it all look worse. I have done the whole ruler in my crease line to see where my nipples sit and its like level with it.
  14. Thank you :-) yeah i know what your saying. I do want to be happy with them. Im in wagga about 5 hours from sydney. But do know there is a PS that comes to wagga for consults and does surgery in sydney
  15. Thanks for your honest opinions even though now im sitting here miserable as i know how horrible they look :-(
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