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    Breastfed my 2 children and hubby has now had a vasectomy so no more.
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  1. Top pic your shoulders are uneven so it's making it look worse. They are looking lovely and the difference only looks minimal. Don't stress too much. I'm 6 months and mine have evened up in the last month. ?
  2. I was not allowed to swim until 8 weeks roughly as chance of infection in public pools etc. but maybe message your surgeon to find out or phone and ask ?
  3. you could always leave a "landing strip" and laser the rest off? Or just get a bikini laser. Everyone is different ?
  4. there is a deal on at the moment for half leg, Brazilian and under arm $99 also another deal for under arm and Brazilian but can't remember how much. Iv had 2 sessions and usually had to shave every day and still have no hairs through to shave for the past 5 days. Maybe call them and ask if they are OK doing laser over the tattoo. I'm sure it would be fine so long as the tattoo is not too new ?
  5. Before I got laser on my Brazilian I asked my husband his preference. Cleaner having it all off and no fuss and he does not mind so off it comes. Iv had 2 sessions now and I can't believe how good it is after 2. I find it uncomfortable but doable. Might speak to her next time about my upper lip and see what she says. There are a couple of dark hairs but majority's the fair.
  6. I use hair removal cream. Lasts 3 weeks for me but recently I have been thinking about laser. I could not wax and there is NO way I could stand to get it threaded ?? interested to see what other girls do ?
  7. I'm in the same boat also ?? i got 385cc and now really wishing I was 100cc bigger or more. I agree a DD-E sounds fab but in reality they just look like a C. Boob greed is real and I want MORE BOOBS ???
  8. I'll look into it When I get my extensions lol ? Could wear it for my yoga days. running or any sport that you feel your boobies bouncing or moving you should wear a sports bra (or 2) Im not much of a runner but I do and teach danceFit, yoga, dance and about to start up my pole fitness again. Want to keep them secure so they don't tear and bottom out and go saggy.
  9. My surgeon advised if I'm doing exercise Iv to wear 2 sports tops. Feels a bit restricted but I get used to it. I do love going bra less also but for nights out (which are few and far between lol) i wear a crop top to bed. LOVE the barbie outfit. So cute. Although Iv got blonde hair and about to get extensions don't think I could get away with it. ?
  10. Hi I was really worried that my boobs were different and was considering revision but In the last month (4 months PO now) they have evened up nicely and still changing. I had booked an appointment with my surgeon and we discussed it( had to wear a nice tight sports top for another 2 months) Iv to go back this month so he can examine them and see how the progress is doing. Speak to your surgeon but there is hope of it evening up.
  11. Ok so back on topic of lip fillers do you think fillers would suit me? How much should I get? Opinions would be appreciated.
  12. Going for a consult next week so we can discuss what length, thickness and what I'm looking for. Also need to colour match. Then she can order it in for me. I can't wait to get them.
  13. that's good to know I'll ask next time I'm in. Won't get it done for another 3 months as doing the hair removal just now and about to get extensions. 2016 is obviously my year for cosmetics ?
  14. Ok that's such good information ? I'm still wanting my lips done but I'm worried if I get it done and don't like it how long will it last?
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