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    Breast augmentation
    360cc HP textured rounds sub-muscular.
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    Dr David Sharp @ TBI 17 Sep 2015
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  1. Good luck Sweetie. I passed the time while waiting in the pre op room taking selfies of my flat chest...a humourous way I said good bye. The first thing I did when I woke up, as groggy as I was, was peek down my top. Such a tremendous feeling. Can't wait to hear how you go! xx What surgeon did you choose?
  2. I'm 7 weeks now and pain is totally gone. Been pain free for about 2 weeks. It's awful while they're healing but the pain does go away. Rest up and let yourself heal- there's a reason your dominant side is more sore...
  3. I only regret not asking more questions- about placement, what my end outcome will look like and what is the biggest implant I can have? No regrets having the surgery though, best thing I have done! Good luck
  4. Great question! I'm keen to know too. I'm 5.5 weeks and mine haven't hardly dropped at all...I wish they would.
  5. I've always had a pretty good sex life but never 'sexy' life. I've always chosen to dim lights or wear a shirt to bed but now...lights on baby...out and proud!! ?
  6. Start showing him before and after pics of boob jobs...good ones only though. Unindate him with pics of great boobs, he will come around ? My husband was always supportive of me fixing my boobs but started to get excited for me when he realised how natural and nice they would look, and yep...he loves them!
  7. I'm feeling really great and have had no problems or pain at all, I am very lucky! I am 4 weeks now and hope they drop and settle nicely cause I still seem to have loads of upper pole and my nipples seem to be almost pointing down ? I am hoping its just early days and it will sort itself soon. I found Dr Sharp really fantastic, although I didn't ask too many questions nor changed my mind on size so I never really challenged him. Have you had your consult yet? Let me know how you go xx
  8. Pretty sure it was @imperfectly_lou. I may be wrong though.
  9. Absolutely! Have you seen the thread on here where there are pics of 600? They look amazing!! 500 will be fantastic I think. Hidden in clothes if you want or shown off if you want that look sometimes.
  10. I told my PS I wanted big/full c, small d cup and he recommended 360. They look about a b cup now so I'm hoping for some major fluffing. No one has noticed and in clothes they are far too subtle. Originally I never wanted big so I thought I would be immune to boob greed but now I wish I hadhad big voluptuous boobs. If I had my time again I would choose 450cc minimum. I'm not sure even 420 would be noticeable.
  11. I did ask if he was choosing dual plane and he said, 'no, cause dual plane is used to lift the nipple and you don't need that'. At the time I wasn't too concerned and in hindsight I just blindly trusted him so I didn't question further. But doing research now, (too late I know), it says completely under the muscle stops the implant dropping. I'm thinking I'm just over thinking it. Thanks lovely x Thanks, i hope so
  12. yep, I'm numb too on the outside so the pain is totally inside too. Such a relief I'm not the only one but it sicka you feel this uncomfortable too. Do you know if you are dual plane or totally under muscle? Keep me updated with what's happening please x
  13. That makes sense but it seems much more than just the incisions- if that's what you're referring to? Im a bit worried thinking my surgeon went completely/entirely under muscle.
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