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    BA - 620cc right 565cc left XHP subgladular placement. 12D deflated/bottom heavy prior to surgery.
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    23/09/15 Dr Szalay
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    170cm/approx 75kg muscular build
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  1. wow youll need about 700cc to go anything near dolly parton lol! i have xhp rounds and they look like normal full breasts. they won't be up under your chin unless your surgeon places them there. difference between hp and xhp is xhp projects slightly more than hp. you probably won't even notice if they are rounds, just one will give you slightly more projection than the other. they're still narrow implants so if theyre suitable for your measurements then they most likely won't change the overall width of your current breasts... will just give you more projection and fullness
  2. i think it comes down to the results that you are expecting? will you be disappointed if your nipple is on the lower part of the breast, or if your breasts are low/sagging in 12 months time? are you prepared to go back for another surgery in the near future if implants only doesnt get the result you are after? personally i would go for the lift as well. my surgeon basically told me i would need a lift in the future, whether in 1 year or 5 years. in hindsight getting a lift at the same time as implants would have been convenient and give me longer and better results with the ones i have. dont get me wrong i love them but i can predict the future and i will most likely need a lift in a few years! it's just fortunate for me that i will probably want a revision in a couple of years to go slightly bigger and i'll happily get a lift then. good luck with your decision
  3. i do have photos, go ahead and add
  4. i had surgery with dr szalay at precision cosmetic located at spring hill. i paid 8k however without brazilians i think he charges about $7.5k
  5. Do you guys get the real ugly ones that look like clown shoes too? haha. i've been lucky i haven't got into any wrestles or messy arrests (touch wood), my upper body still gets a bit tender with too much strenuous movement up top. don't know how i would go. probably be like 'GET ON THE GROUND, DONT BREAK THE BOOBS' hahahaa
  6. your incisions look awesome Tash!! really thin and clean. mine are sealing up now but still a bit raised around the incision. @MaisieF - how much does the muscle soreness suck.. took me about 4 days for the pain to go from my legs and ready to go again today. When are you back at work?
  7. my surgeon recommended overs because i had sufficient breast tissue to cover the implant already. also because i had a lot of empty skin the surgeon said that overs would really help fill out the breast as opposed to under the muscle. i also do weightlifting and didn't want to sacrifice the use of my chest muscles
  8. if youve got no existing breast tissue then as ittybitty said, teardrops are usually a top preference because they do give that natural look. i got XHP round's over the muscle with existing breast tissue and they look real natural and full on me. if i get real lean and drop a load of bodyfat then the implants will definitely look more noticable and more like bolt ons but otherwise they look fine. it just depends on your body type. probably best to ask the surgeon in consults what they recommend to get the look you are after.
  9. yep if you're going a higher projection you can afford to go a few more CC's cause the implant is still quite narrow but it will just give you fuller/more projection. im also really broad shouldered and too be honest my boobs are perfect size now and once i get used to them even i will probably have boob greed. kinda wish they were both 650cc :'D all the cc's pretty much just went into giving me volume in the upper pole and side boob.
  10. Tash you look awesome! how good is it being able to pick out clothes you like the look of and not have to worry about a bra/filling it out. i used to loathe shopping but now its so much funner. hey heather, i took coloxyll and senna to get things moving again. i feel pretty pretty normal now, was walking from about day 5 PO just to keep my sanity. i swear just moving around helped me mentally feel so much better about my situation. maybe youll feel a bit better now you can do some light legwork etc. try to enjoy the time off youll be back to your routine in no time and bounce back quick no doubt!! im back at work now and feeling pretty good. still a bit tender around my side boob/incisions but nothing drastic. boobs are starting to soften up now. i find i just get tired quicker than i used to but its pretty good cause i usually dont sleep very well
  11. yeh probably haha. i went back to work today. nobody really noticed hey, except for the few that asked and so far it's been like 'they look really good and proportionate'. the others just give me a sly look because no doubt they heard the rumour and probably can't work out whether its rumour or fact HAAAA love it. such a scandalous workplace. my sideboob and incisions are feeling extra tender today but i think its from just being more active than my holidays. so over the post op bras. looking forward to being able to wear proper bras again
  12. Hi Cheetah, im 170cm, about 70kg and i got 620 and 565 xhp. i was a deflated 12D to start with and am now a 12E. I went back to work today and honestly nobody has really noticed i've had my boobs done in clothing but naked they look awesome . they don't look that much bigger really. i have pics in my gallery if you want a look jus shoot a friend request ps i also have really broad shoulders and theyve completley balanced that out i love it
  13. well the lower half of my breast has less feeling than the rest, and my incisions under the crease right around to like my 'side boob' as in under my armpit and all along the side of my boob is really tender still. it also felt more swollen and harder around the incisions and sideboob than anywhere else, still does a bit. i read somewhere that its pretty hard to go completely under the muscle as most people dont have enough muscle to cover the implant and most under muscles are actually dual planes. were you getting dual plane or under muscle? i woudnt stress about it just yet, im sure everything is just sorting itself out
  14. this is the most tender part for my 3 weeks post op. im pretty sure its just where the most tissue damage and bruising is around incisions/side boob. thats the part of your body thats most likely been interfered with the most
  15. helloooo september girls. how is everyone? im back in the middle of qld now, enjoying 38 degree days already. i am back to work tomorrow. it's three weeks today since i had my BA and i just went to the gym and trained legs. oh my goodness, i am never taking strength and fitness for granted again! here is what i did.. SQUATS - 3 x 10 (30kg) to warm up, 2 x 10 (40kg), 3 x 5 (50kg) then finished with another 1 x 10 (40kg). wow i was fatigued by the first set of 40kg lol i usually can do 10 x 10 of 50kg or 5 x 6 of 65kg and work my way up to 80kg for a couple of reps. then i did leg press - started with 130kg for 3 x 10, then went up to 170kg for 3 x 5. i usually do 6 x 5 of 220kg. these were a real struggle. i then did 3 x 10 on the quad raise machine, this also killed. i then did a little WOD - 3 rounds of 200m row, 10 box jumps, 10 sit ups, 8 walking lunges. i was wearing a super duper sports bra throughout (berlei high performance... AHMAZING) which means my boobs literally did not move much at all. they feel a little tender now which i will put down to the increase in heartrate and the pressure of the bra on my breasts. i didnt have any discomfort during the workout. i also tried to do 1 push up, and decided it felt too weird and i wont try that again til next week (which will be 4 weeks). i cannot wait to get my strength back to what it was pre BA and better. the size doesnt seem to get in the way when they are strapped down and compressed for anyone who was worrying, and i have quite big implants.
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