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    Richard Rahdon on 13th August
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  1. I had mine done with Richard Rahdon in August. He told me to stay out of the pool until 8 weeks due to the high rate of infection =)
  2. Richard rahdon in geelong and thanks babe I love them =) x
  3. Thanks L ? I love them so much! Xx
  4. Oh nooo sorry to hear this lovely ? I think it's waaaay too soon to worry about it though. My boobs are giving me red marks from where my implants are sitting which was really worrying me at first but now I realise that from going back through the forum and other people's stories I'm not going to have a true picture of how they'll sit in 6 months so I'm trying not to worry now. Yours will still have to drop and fluff which might create some more of the perkiness/fullness you are after xxx
  5. Hey girls, I'm sorry I've only just seen this! I have replied separately so hopefully that might help! I am 6 weeks this week and I can't believe it's flown by so fast! I will post up some new photos soon as they have changed so much! I love my boobs (I got 550cc) but I must say that even I think they could be bigger and I'm measuring at a 12H at bras n things!! They certainly don't look that big though! I'll post up a posey piccy from the weekend for you here and I'll catch up with my selfies for my 6 week date this Thursday xx
  6. I was a really small B after my weight loss and I'm quite young and very lucky that my skin and boobs sort of stretched back into place without getting any excess sag. I would say my boobs were pretty perky, just very small! I got some pretty huge stretchmarks though! I've been told that I will probably need a lift when I get my revision surgery in 10 or whatever years but I didn't need anything before. I know that if I was told that I was borderline lift then I would 100% have saved the money and had the lift to save kicking myself after surgery. If they told you it would sit low then you might end up with a result like snoopy boob which you're not happy with which isn't ideal after spending so much money. Have you seen a few different surgeons? What was the general consensus? Xx
  7. Thanks melbba and mama!! Melbba, it feels like forever when you're waiting for it doesn't it!! It will be here so fast though don't worry ☺xx
  8. So I've written my review but I must warn it's pretty long! I could go on all day about my boobies now!! Richard used Keller funnel on me yeah, I think it reduces chance of CC and he said my incisions would be up to 5cm because I was getting such a large implant. I would say they're around 3cm but I actually can't really see them that well so I will post a picture below for you to see yourself. I thought they would be huge red marks when I got my dressings off but I was very pleasantly surprised and bonus is that you don't need any stitches removed as he uses dissolvable ones (plus you get laser treatment anyway) ! I've seen some awful stitch jobs on here!! Xx
  9. **ESSAY ALERT** Hey girls! So I've been meaning to write a review for my BA experience for a while and I'm getting up to a month post op now so thought I'd get on with it! I can't find a review section for my surgeon but still wanted to write my experience in case it helps others whether they go with my surgeon or not!!So I had my surgery on 13th August 2015 at St John of God in Geelong and my surgeon was Dr Richard Rahdon. I wanted surgery because I lost a considerable amount of weight- around 42kgs- and the first place my weight went from was my boobs which was a bit devastating!! I am from England and here for a year but decided I wanted to be away from family when having my surgery and recovery as I don't want awkward questions or comments!I went to see Richard and explained I wanted my boobs back to the size they were. Richard was very understanding and happily answered all my questions, we talked about my options, tried on a few different sizers and I booked my surgery in! Then the wait began and it felt like forever until my surgery date!! I rang the clinic a few times asking different questions and I was always made to feel like my questions were very important and the staff were always happy to hear from me and chat to me. I decided to go with 550cc moderate plus over the muscle and mentor branded implants. I am very broad chested so they sit very nicely. Richard takes a few different sized implant on the day of your surgery in case you've changed your mind.And finally the wait was over and my surgery day was here! I was nervous but when I arrived at St John of God I was made to feel very comfortable. My partner came with me and we were given our own little waiting room. The nurse came and took my blood pressure and measured me for stockings and wrapped me up in a heated blanket so I was as comfortable as possible. She left us to watch TV and then after a while the anaesthetist came in and chatted to us about the procedure and asked if I had questions and then Richard came and measured me up and checked I was happy with size etc. after a little wait I was taken through and the anaesthetist gave me some 'G&T' and I was away with the fairies!!I woke up and I was absolutely pain free and very very happy (I think I was high on drugs and boobies) and I couldn't stop smiling. I went back to sleep for a bit and then woke and I was fed and given a drink and my meds and then went to the hotel we were staying in! My recovery has been really smooth so far and I'm really happy with my results. I can't wait to go get measured properly and buy some new bras (and clothes!).I can't recommend Richard and his team enough. All the ladies that work for him have been so friendly, lovely and professional. The hospital and my anaesthetist were great and I had a perfect experience. I am booked in with Richard in another couple of weeks where he will see me and I will have laser treatment for my scars. All in all I paid around $9000 (which was less than I'd anticipated for a PS) and I hope my review might help others considering Richard or BA in general. I am very grateful to this forum and you ladies as it has helped massively! Please feel free to check out my pics or ask me any questions. I love my boobies and I hope I haven't bored you to death with my essay! Xxx
  10. How was your post op appt JennaB89? How nice is it to have the dressings off and tape instead! When can you start massaging? I start this Thursday and I'm worried I'm going to do it wrong haha! Xx
  11. Hey melbba! I went with Richard (as you've probably seen) and coming up to 4 weeks post surgery now. I have found Richard and his team incredibly professional, friendly and happy to hear from me whenever I've called in asking them various questions. My surgery went through without any issues and I honestly can't think of a single thing to complain about the service I have received. The clinic and the hospital were very clean and modern and I was very comfortable. You are welcome to view all my photos and ask as many questions as you like, I'm happy to help! I got 550cc moderate plus overs and the brand of implant is mentor. I am very very very happy with the size (as recommended by Richard!). There is another girl called JennaB89 on the forum who went with Richard a week after me that you could also message and ask about. From my research I found that Richard has the best aftercare and even gives you laser treatment to rid your scars after 6 weeks. I would 100% recommend Richard and his team and I would go back to him for any treatment I might consider in future. I will write a longer and in depth review later tonight ☺ and like I say, feel free to ask anything xx
  12. I was told to wait to massage mine until 4 weeks post op. I wonder why some can massage earlier than others?! Mine are sitting high 3 weeks post op xx
  13. Please also consider Dr Richard Rahdon in your search. He has been amazing for mine and offers a package of $8995 for a straightforward BA which includes laser treatment for scars afterwards. He uses dissolvable stitches so you don't need to go have them removed which was great news for me!! He listens to exactly what you want and is very informative. He has a great sense of humor and really puts you at ease. All the nurses are amazing too. Deffo worth a consult. Check out my pictures and ask any questions ? x
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