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    Breast Implants and possibly Rhinoplasty
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    Dr Tavakoli but also considering Thailand due to $$$
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    178cm, 58kg - 12B/10C

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  1. Thanks amz16! FR Sent. You got the exact size implants I was due to get too! What profile did you get?
  2. Wow. This is very interesting. Looking forward to hearing about anyone's experiences if they've had it!
  3. Yay! I love all this good feedback. I've been through the whole process bar the surgery itself (had to postpone for financial reasons ) But he's amazing. His staff are fantastic and very helpful. He gives the impression that he is very educated and knows exactly what he is doing. He's extremely confident in his work which is fantastic! Definitely leaves a good feeling when you know you're in good hands
  4. I saw the photo and thought the same thing! Definitely different looking to what I expected! Results are looking fantastic, I had to postpone my BA with Dr Tavakoli but I can't wait!!! Good to see all his patients are in good hands and not just like booby girls .
  5. Go to the doctors ASAP! Good luck . I hope it's just a cyst and easy to fix/remove
  6. Ive saved half and I applied for a interest free credit card which reverts to 13.5% interest rate after 9 months. So 9 months without interest to pay off as much as I possibly can and then it's 13.5 which is still so much less than the finance companies. Look into it ladies! It makes a lot of sense and could save you heaps! I felt like a genius when I realized I could do it that way
  7. Ladies! I'm sorry, I've been M.I.A. I cancelled and postponed. I'm not ready. I freaked out and with added family pressures with my sister being mentally unwell and not having told my parents, I couldn't deal with it at the current time. I'm thinking about March next year. A long time to wait but I'm almost a little bit happy to have my little boobies for one more summer. Even though the decisions to postpone cost be 2k. God damn it, ah well.
  8. Ladies, I've had to cancel. Unfortunately, losing 6k is something I've had to come to terms with. I was due to have surgery with Dr Tavakoli next Wednesday 26th September and no doubt they will be looking for someone to take my place. Just thought is put it out here that anyone who may be looking to push their date forward should call!? PM me for any more details if you'd like
  9. Ladies! I've got a post op bra from Myer online. It's a post surgery bra. Clip at the front, it comes in S,M,L and A/B or C/D but stretches a lot past a D. I got S C/D. It seems compressing and supportive but breathable so perfect for when there's swelling and such. Better yet, it's $30! And free delivery . http://shop.myer.com.au/shop/en/myeronline/au-amoena-frances-front-opening-post-surgery-bra-in-white-or-nude-2128-d-20707 I forgot to mention, it's front opening!
  10. Thank you girls! Very helpful. I've got a big list and it's almost time to go shopping! x So close, really hoping I don't forget anything. I'm somewhat hopeless haha
  11. I haven't seen your photos yet but your profile pic/avatar looks incredible. Not big not small, theyre a great size!!!! I have not had my BA yet but I know that my bf is worried about the same thing. If he has been there in the past with enhanced confidence, he probably doesn't realize it's not the same for everyone. For me, I'm gettin them to feel confident about myself I want my bf to like them and the rest of the world, who cares! If I start getting more attention that I had before, I'll steer clear! If they wouldn't give me the attention before, clearly they're just looking for a sexy lady with big kahonas!!!! Sorry men out there, my bf likes my brains so I'll stick around and give him some good titties to like too. It's always tough, change scares people and a BA is no exception. It might take a little time but he'll come around . Don't feel guilty, at the end of the say you've done this for yourself and his insecurities would have surfaced elsewhere eventually. Head up, boobies out! Stand proud lovely. Don't not enjoy what you paid for!
  12. Dr Tavakoli has amazing rhinoplasty results. His before and agrees on his website look amazing. He specializes in BA, MMO and Rhinoplasty so you know he's doing a lot of them! And has a lot of experience. Definitely worth a look at. I'm having my BA done with him in 2 weeks and he's been great so far.
  13. I know massaging really helps with the drop and fluff process so many this food is due to your breast not dropping and fluffing yet Nd therefore massage will help? Otherwise, I'd keep an eye on it. It may be double bubble, or an issue with the pocket? I'm no expert but take your surgeons advise because it's his job and he knows what he's doing! Keep us posted, hopefully it's just a stage of healing you're going through!
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