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  1. Thanks for your replies. I was given strataderm scar therapy gel, but told not to use it after three months. I'm now thinking I should really use the strips, even though my ps tole me I don't need it. Can't do any harm right? I'd love my scars to fade as quickly as possible.
  2. So I'm currently 3 months post op. At my 3 month visit with my ps I was told that with my scars I could use bio oil and take some vitamin e, but other than that I was told there's no need to wear any kind of strips etc, I was told I don't need the strips as the scars are fairly smooth already and healing well. At the moment they are smoothing out but still quite red. I read about girls using strips and how well they work and how much they fade their scars. I'm a bit surprised that my scar treatment has effectively ended at just three months (according to my ps). Anyone have any thoughts on scar treatment, strips etc? What was your routine? Should I just go ahead and start using them? Were you advised that you didn't need to to use strips or continue scar therapy at three months? Thanks!
  3. Are there any girls here who needed to get multiple revisions to achieve a desired size? (not just because they went too small and regretted it, but because the ps couldn't actually get them to a desired size first go). Also, what are the negatives of getting a revision soon after a surgery, does it make the scarring more visable etc?
  4. could you please add me too? I'm in a similar situation, very little breast tissue but looking at something between 350-450cc.
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