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  1. Your nipple to crease position isn't too bad, but your breasts sit quite low on your chest. Without a lift you'll probably end up with a very low nipple position in relation to the breast mound.
  2. No lift needed there! They suit your frame well, doesn't look like 600's at all.
  3. The angle of that pic is pretty bad, are your nipples pointing towards the ground? A straight on pic would be good.
  4. There's a massive difference between plastic surgeons and cosmetic "surgeons". There also a reason why you won't see any cosmetic one's in the Clinician Directory on this site. Might pay to read this as a starting point... http://plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/blog/cosmetic-surgeons-and-plastic-surgeons-do-you-know-the-difference/
  5. Usually I'm saying to myself "You really need/needed a lift", but IMO you don't come anywhere close to needing a lift from that pic.
  6. They were just talking about it on JJJ (Hack). You should be able to catch up when the show finishes.
  7. YES! Great resource here about it. http://www.veggieboards.com/forum/33-women-s-health-issues/138224-everything-you-know-about-bras-wrong.html
  8. Something else to keep in mind with a gap is your nipple position. If they are centred on the breast mound with your natural gap, any significant gap fixing will have them sitting off to the sides.
  9. Galaxy S5 shows this screen, clicking "Documents" takes you through to your camera pics. Older Galaxy S3 looks a bit different and has a direct selection for your phone gallery.
  10. Can ask how much the revision is going to cost? It may be needed here soon.
  11. There's no way you'll be able to drive or be a full-time mum by Monday after a BL & BA. You WILL need help for at least a week.
  12. Sounds exactly like a stitch coming out. You should see your surgeon/nurse to get it fixed.
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