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    Breast augmentation. 385cc HP, round textured, over muscle. July 2015
    Breast lift. November 2016
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    27th July 2015. 5th November 2016
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    169cm, 64kg, deflated 10b

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  1. Had a breast lift yesterday at 12:30pm. Got out of surgery at 4:00pm. It's now currently 9:10am and ever since the local wore off the incision sites I have had nothing but pain. Feels like I'm on fire. No pain meds are helping. I have ice packs on but I can still feel it. Has anyone had anything similar?
  2. How did your procedure go? Are you happy with your results?
  3. Anyone had any experience going under the knife with twilight sedation?
  4. My advice to anyone borderline. Is to get the lift. If you don't you'll need a lift in a year or two anyways. I have no pictures & wont be uploading any as I don't feel comfortable with my outcome. They are that bad! I needed a lift straight away and wasn't suggested one. Now I'm getting no help from my surgeon. He wants me to pay full price for a lift. If he cannot help me out within the next month I'm taking it further and reporting him & will be trying to get some money back as he seriously has ruined my breasts.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has gone back and needed a lift AFTER they had breast augmentation. As their breasts have gone saggy and just looked 10 times worse then before they started.
  6. I did go through esteem with him. I contacted them recently through email with lots of detail about my experience with him. They told me he no longer works at the clinic. I had an appointment with a surgeon through them again & he said that he wants to fix dr Ali's mistakes & will talk to the girls about cost.
  7. Emily if you think you need a lift and have sagging I wouldn't go ahead with the surgery. I have had surgery with Dr Ali and will be getting revision in the new year by a different surgeon as my breasts are sagging twice as much as they used to and have so much more stretch marks & I get alot of pain in my left beast. My scars are bright red/purple & I am 5 months post op... I had a follow up appointment with dr Ali and he told me I should of known that this would happen to me. Told me to only wear a push up bra for the rest of my life & to only take my bra off when in the shower and having sex... Disgusting surgeon! Wouldn't recommend him to anyone. He has also used girls pictures on the Internet when they have told him not to.
  8. Thanks for the replies girls. I have had no luck in finding another job as of yet. I don't think I even want him to fix them. Like just the way he has acted about this situation puts me off him so much. I wish I told him to go under the muscle which is what I wanted but I went with his word of going over as he said it would give me more upper pole. He's ruined my confidence I'll be calling the girls back up and talking to them about it probably tomorrow, I'm not feeling 100% today and just need to rest.
  9. First I want to say I haven't been on here for a couple of weeks because I felt like some of the girls were in no way supportive and just made me feel like absolute *****.. I was in tears at one point.. I just had a follow up appointment with Dr Ali about how horrible my outcome has been. All I have to say is I will never ever recommend him to anyone ever!! I was told that I will have to wear a tight push up bra for the rest of my life. Those were his exact words. He said that I am to young for a lift (I'm 24, I've known girls that are 20 get a breast lift), that if he places the implant higher my nipples would be facing down & that I should of known there was going to be sagging. My breasts have so much rippling! You can see the whole implant just sitting under my skin. They feel horrible. They look horrible and lumpy from the rippling.. I now have no idea what to do, I just needed to get out of his office ASAP because I had to run to my car and cry.. What can I do? I'm so lost now, he was in no way helpful & made me feel so stupid and said he is happy with the results. I am no way happy & I told him that I don't like how they are sitting..
  10. Thank you!! - - I might not have time to sit down and talk like most people in here seem to think I do. I have a full on life that includes a child that I'm constantly having to care for on me own! Most of the time when I'm on here is when I'm on the toilet or in bed!!! I can't just stop throughout the day and do what I please. Also I prefer not to send an email. Reading text makes it so difficult to understand the tone of voice you're saying something in.. I would prefer to actually talk to a person not a screen. I come on this forum to discuss my issues and talk to girls who have been through the same surgery. If you're sick of seeing me pop up then ignore it! Seriously some girls are so catty. What's the point in coming here if in the end this will happen.
  11. I said earlier I would call them tomorrow. I also said I couldn't call last week as my daughter had been extremely sick all week and I had no time to sit down and do my own thing. I'll call them when I have the time to sit down and discuss everything. I think I should be more concerned about being put out of my own misery rather then everyone elses.. Ill definitely update this post after I've had the phone call done. I know they'll want me to come in which I hate doing because I live so far away. Better then living with ***** tits though I guess haha
  12. I also have a lot of breast cancer on my mothers side & has deflated 10b breasts to start with. He knew all this. He even said I have no breast tissue. I did so much research I went into my consultation thinking I would get unders, but nope. Thinking he knew what was best. Makes me wish I had spent the money and gone to a well known plastic surgeon
  13. there's a big thread about my experience in here should be near the top somewhere, very long and hard to explain lol
  14. Yeah I'm planning on calling Ashlee first and talking to her & possibly Rena? Will call tomorrow, just going to write down some things tonight incase I freak out and forget to mention certain things.
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