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  1. I have been surfing the internet for a long time for my nose surgery. I am a guy who really been meaning to do his nose and lower face in Thailand. I really need a doctor I can trust and believe he sees what I see. And work on my nose to come out for the best perfect results as possible. I would like to know a doctors vision that meets mine regarding. Doctor nond is very slow and I read lots of bad reviews about him. Doctor kunachak has a very good reputation and gave me that vibe during email consultations. He pays attention to details and this is what I really want. But he is very pricy. My nose needs a tip reconstruction. Basically reduce bridge and tip. As in "frontal view and profile" Therefore, I need to raise tip, reduce nostrils align nostril sides and manipulate cartilage. I guess my only problem is the little extra cartilage that appears as a bit bulbous and round. When I smile my nose that forces shape of nose to appear down when smiling. I have done a rhino but only moved the hump. Now it is time to lower the bridge and do tip shortening, lowering, and tip deprojection as part of the tippalsty procedure. Now kunachak said that if I lower bridge, my nose will look feminine. I honestly would rather have afeminine nose but not live with the bose I have everyday and feel the guilt and negativity. I know many men with feminie noses, but on the other hand good lookin' What procedure is best to achieve the cute harmonic yet not have "that operates look" what should I do? Who do you recommend? Please. and any doctors GOOD PRO doctors that reconstruct good jaw implants. Mandibles. In thailand that turns over the lower face. Models face
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