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    Lollipop lift and BA
    390cc HP Nagor round textured
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    Dr Richardson, 9 Dec 2015
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    166cm, 57kg, deflated 8C/D or 10B/C pre-op, 8F post-op
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    Running mum of two little whirlwinds (2&4)

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  1. Dr Phil Richardson. He's given me amazing results!
  2. I was 57kg, 166cm and was super deflated from breastfeeding two kids. I was wearing a 10C pre-op but it was probably the wrong size for me (definitely too big in the back and prob in the cup too). With 390cc HP implants and a lift I've ended up and 8F :)
  3. @inertia, my BWD was 11.9cm (according to the Vectra) and my implant measures 11.8cm :)
  4. I have the Nagor HPs and I think had I gone XHP they would've been a bit too pointy to be honest. But my shape and starting size/weight is different to yours. To be honest I'd go with Dr R's advice on it. As long as you've given him a good idea of what your final look is, he's not going to suggest something that is going to look ridiculous on your body. He told me if I'd asked for a size/implant that was going to be too big for me/not look right, he would tell me.
  5. I wore 3/4 harem pants and a button up sleeveless shirt.
  6. Mine are 390cc and 11.9cm BWD.
  7. This thread is really interesting as I got bigger implants than you love and glitter, but I reckon mine look smaller. Heres my 8 week bra less cleavage. Still quite far apart but I had a bit of a gap pre op so that's to be expected. And I get good cleavage with a bra on.
  8. Sophisticatedpair.com is by far the best online calculator I've found too. Got it spot on.
  9. Big Girls Don't Cry on Sandgate Rd in Virginia. They were amazing!
  10. Big Girls Don't Cry on Sandgate Rd in Virginia. They were amazing!
  11. I would actually suggest trying somewhere else rather than Bras n Things to get fitted. Do you have an independent specialist bra shop near you? I can rec one in Brisbane. BnT tried to tell me I was 10C 6 weeks post op. When in fact I'm an 8F!
  12. I had a lift and BA and definitely got bigger. But my PS said he would do some "reshaping" of my existing breast tissue (in my lower pole) as part of the operation.
  13. I was told to stop all supplements and vitamins but I checked with my PS about Berocca as I have one every morning (to try and cut down on too much coffee to get me going!) and I was allowed to keep taking that. The multivitamin I take has fish oil and ginseng in it which were definite no-nos.
  14. I also had a lollipop lift with Dr Richardson in Brisbane and had my BA in the same procedure. $14k up front then I got $1.5k back from Medicare/PHI.
  15. If it helps you at all, my lift added $3500 on to a standard BA with Dr Richardson. But I also got a Medicare item number which reduced it a bit after my op.
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