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  1. No ps visit today, I could t make it so will have to try for next week. My natural boob fleshy bit seems to be what has dropped as its flabby like loose tissue. I will see if I can get a side pic tomorrow to show what I mean.
  2. Hi ladies, 5 weeks po tomorrow and off to see the surgeon. I'm so so depressed my right has dropped so much and lefty has done nothing and I hate it. They look great in a top but naked I hate them?? everytime I shower I want to cry last photo is today
  3. Hi JessJN im same stats 165cm 51kg I'm 3 weeks post op with 325cc high profile. I have a 12cm bwd and the 325cc was the biggest I could go.
  4. Omg luckycat your pics have helped so much, I'm not fussed with them being dead set ruler straight inline but just want them to look even if that makes sense. My right nipple is super super sensitive and it's drives me nuts. Aswell as the constant high beams! Lol
  5. Hey ladies, 13 days post op and went back to work yesterday. And I'm sooooooo exhausted today. Just went food shopping and now resting again. Feel so useless and lazy but I'm so physically tired. I think the lack of sleep is what is killing me the most. Can not wait for them to Soften and drop. Hoping the symmetry will work it's self out once they drop into position a bit more otherwise I think I will be going with a revision ? As you can see from my nips covers they are uneven. But then one boob is still sitting very high
  6. Muraboutique has some nice stuff I have a few dresses from there
  7. Just had my post op appointment this morning and all is great. Nurse said my incision are the best she has seen and have healed so well. Pretty pleased
  8. Just had my post op appointment this morning and all is great. Nurse said my incision are the best she has seen and have healed so well. Pretty pleased
  9. My target online haul arrived today. Sorry no selfie 6 days po and can't be bothered trying them all on yet haha
  10. Anyone else feel like the tightness in their chest makes not feel hungry? If that makes sense.
  11. from https://www.undiewarehouse.com.au ordered on Tuesday morning, arrived today. It's pretty comfy and it's a lower cut one this one is called Alice
  12. take it slow, take your bra off sitting down then stand slowly. If u have someone that can help you that would be good too. Honestly you will be fine though.
  13. oh my lordy that's a shocking bruise!!
  14. PO day 5 lost 1.2 kg of bloat last night. Almost back to pre surgery weight. Itching to get back into my legs and butt exercises though, it's killing me that I have a killer rack but my peachy butt is still a work in progress. My big boy (cat) tried sleeping in his usual position early this morning. He was not impressed that I kept pushing him off my chest. 2 new post op bras arrived today. They are a bit nicer than what I got from the surgeon. Wearing one in my pic. First day alone today and LOVING IT I showered by myself, I ate what I wanted when I wanted. I tried on a few 'need to have booby' clothes. I left my PO bra off for more than 3.4 minutes. So glad hitler is back at work. He has been a great help but also a great pain in the a$$. My boobs are creating a stir and I haven't even taken them anywhere yet. Some insta friends have been showing their friends etc. Wishing all you girls that are still waiting all the best. It's no picnic but it's so worth it. If I could give u any tips it would be.?? Pear juice heat pack ice pack to all the girls in recovery hope all is going well and I'm really excited to see everyone's progress over the next few weeks/months. ??
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