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    BL & BA 250cc round, silicon textured, over the muscle
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    Dr Robert Goldman 8th of December 2015

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  1. Shayne


    They will say that without a doubt. Your surgeon will need to write that it is medically required and the form which is filled out by the surgeon is then sent to your private health insurer.
  2. Shayne

    BL & BA ladies

    I am 9 weeks post op BA and BL. I had loads of excess skin and both procedures were done at the one time. Before my surgery I didn't see too many after pics that I thought 'wow they look great!' so I went in thinking that anything would be an improvement on what I had but I wasn't expecting beautiful, round boobs that you would typically see with just a BA. Well I can honestly say, I have beautiful, round, gorgeous boobs with quite minimal scarring even though I had a lollipop lift. I am so happy. Go for it. With a good surgeon who is confident with their work, you will be super happy!
  3. Shayne

    Depressed over lollipop and BA quote!

    @Kimi G my surgeon was Dr Robert Goldman. He is from Perth but does monthly visits to Cairns which is where I live. I am more than happy with my results. 😄
  4. Shayne

    Depressed over lollipop and BA quote!

    I had a lollipop lift and BA in December 2015. With Medicare and private health rebate, it came to just over $10,000. I was initially quoted $17,000 but it didn't end up being that much even before the rebates. My procedure was 4.5 hours so it wasn't just a straightforward surgery.
  5. Shayne


    I think I got back around $400 from my private health. Hospital was covered except for $500 excess and my implants were completely covered by my health insurer. 😀
  6. Shayne


    None of my photos were sent to Medicare. How would people at Medicare know whether the lift is for medical purposes? The surgeon decides and fills out the appropriate paperwork which is then given to the hospital. My dealings with Medicare only occurred after my BL and BA and it was around $1400 that I got back. It was within a day of me putting in receipts from my surgeon and anethetist.
  7. Shayne

    Which surgeon in Perth?

    Dr Goldman did a fantastic job with my BL and BA. Can't say enough good things about him. 😀
  8. Shayne

    December 2015 - recovery and post op

    Glad to hear everyone is recovering well. Great idea for this thread as I have been wondering how you all have been going. I am 6 weeks post op tomorrow following a BL and BA. Looking at my before pics and the way I look now, you would never guess it was the same person. I am absolutely loving how my boobs are looking. I had a haematoma in my right and needed to go straight back into surgery so my right boob looked a little different at first. This has settled completely and now looks fine. My incision scars look really good. My surgeon recommended I use any moisturiser I like as he believes they are all the same. I am moisturising twice a day. I am still wearing my post op bra at night and have been recommended to until 6 weeks but may continue doing this as I just feel more comfortable doing so. For the last 3 weeks I have been wearing a Berlei sports bra during the day (one to walk in for exercise and the other for just day to day) This has reduced the soreness in my boobs significantly. It was my first day back at work today and I wore a wirefree bra that I just purchased from target and this was fine. I did feel like my boobs were a little sore when I sat at my desk for extended periods. I am still not ready for an underwire bra as yet even though I had a lollipop lift. I am still sleeping on my back for the most part. I'm paranoid they will lose their shape if I sleep on my side 😩 I exercised 6 days a week pre op but have followed my surgeon's instructions completely and have only been walking and riding a stationary bike on no resistance since 2 weeks. I can slowly start getting back into things at 8 weeks but it will be slow. I think my biggest advice to anyone contemplating this type of surgery is listen to your body and listen to your surgeon! Patience is the key!
  9. Shayne


    I had my BA and BL done with Dr Robert Goldman. He did a fantastic job. My BL was classified as a reduction so yes I received a Medicare rebate and a rebate from my private health. Good luck.
  10. Shayne

    Pre approval for item numbers

    I had a BL and BA and I was able to claim. My BL was classed as a reduction as I did have breast tissue and skin removed which is why it was considered a medical condition. (4.5 hour op). I was given item numbers by my surgeon. I didn't get any pre approval from Medicare. I also budgeted for 17,000 which was my initial quote as my private health fund wasn't wanting to commit to any rebates despite me giving them item numbers. On my admission, I only paid the $500 excess. I did pre pay my surgeon's fee and the anethetist's fee. I waited until after my surgery to receive my final receipts from the surgeon and anethetist. I completed a two way claim form through Medicare (download online) and submitted this form with the receipts to Medicare. That afternoon I received the rebate from Medicare and a couple of days later, I received the rebate from my private health insurer. It was very quick and easy. I paid for my implants myself and submitted my receipt to my private health directly. I am still waiting for this to be paid in full but I am confident it will be. My surgery wouldn't have been 17,000 anyway as I was quoted a little higher but it ended up coming in at under $10,000. 😀 Hope this helps.
  11. Shayne

    3 weeks post op experience ls

    I got my Berlei sports bra wire free from Myer and I bought two. I was fitted by a lady who works there to be on the safe side. I was wearing one, only when I went for a walk but now I wear one during the day and the other when I 'exercise'. For the last two days I have felt the least amount of pain in my boobs. I really think my carefix bra wasn't giving me enough support hence the ongoing pain. I am sleeping in the carefix bra however. My surgeon was happy for me to start out in a wire free sports bra. I only purchased the carefix bra following recommendations on this forum and he was happy to fit me in it straight after my op. I will check with him tomorrow when I have my 4 week check how long he wants me to continue wearing my sports bra for.
  12. Shayne

    3 weeks post op experience ls

    @Colleena what do you mean by Cardio? I assume you are not running so just wondered what your exercise may entail at this time. I am just walking and cycling and generally trying not to elevate my heart rate. Keen to hear what program you are following 😀
  13. Shayne

    3 weeks post op experience ls

    I am 4 weeks post op and I am back to walking and cycling on a stationary bike (no resistance). I am however still sore and sensitive. At times I feel like I am sunburnt and my boobs are sore to touch. I am only sleeping in my carefix bra now as it just isn't giving me enough support during the day as my boobs were constantly feeling sore. I am now wearing a wire free Berlei sports bra which has reduced the soreness significantly. I am not yet able to stretch my arms fully which is difficult when trying to hang washing. Sleeping is difficult as I am still laying on my back, propped up on pillows. Seeing my surgeon on Wednesday so I am keen to discuss how things are going at my visit. People keep asking if I am frustrated at not being back into exercising fully and I am honestly not, as I know my body is just not ready.
  14. Dr Goldman did my BA and BL and did a fantastic job. My surgery was a 4hour surgery and I have fantastic results so far. I am 3 weeks post op. I would highly recommend him. 😀
  15. Shayne

    December 2015 girls

    Hi Everyone, hope recovery is going well for you all. Day 19 and continuing to do well. Have started walking agin over the last 3 days which has been great. I ended up buying a Berlei wire free bra to walk in. I just didn't feel my post op bra gave me enough support. Wore it for the first time today and I felt much more supported. Managed to get my size from Myer at a sale price 😀. My main struggle at the moment is sleeping on my back, which is what I said in my last post I think. Need to just persist with it and will speak to my surgeon at my 4 week check. Again, hope you are all doing well.xo