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    cosmetic reacted to cloudinthesky in Rhinoplasty Dr Tobias Pincock or Dr Paul Gerarchi   
    I would be very careful about Dr Pincock. This article below is very worrying. 
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    cosmetic got a reaction from Itsquiet in Surgeon Reviews   
    Where a surgeon has no negative feedback online, I question it.
    No matter how experienced a surgeon is, there will be patients not happy or even surgery's requiring revision.  Unfortunately, it's way to common and we don't hear about these patients stories as surgeon's threaten them if they speak out. 
    It's a common practice and unfortunately women are venerable as they don't know there legal rights.
    I'm only bringing to light for those voices whom gave been silenced by surgeon valuing their reputations rather then their own patients health! 
    it needs to stop! 
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    cosmetic got a reaction from Kismet in Love island Australia   
    Who watches love island Australia?? I’m so addicted to the show!!
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    cosmetic got a reaction from I HaveBoobs in What you need to know before undergoing cosmetic or plastic surgery   
    COSMETIC surgery is no longer the sneaky, shameful secret it once was. 
    Women literally get Botox in their lunch breaks. Clinics in local shopping centres proudly advertise injectables in their store fronts.
    It’s not a question of if, but how many, of the people in your life have had some kind of work done.
    But the challenge for consumers is making sure they pick a qualified clinician.
    That isn’t always easy, because anyone with a standard medical degree is legally allowed to perform cosmetic surgical procedures in Australia.
    This week news.com.au is examining why a lack of industry regulation and confusion about the term “cosmetic surgeon” means patients are handing over their bodies and cash to dodgy doctors, with devastating and often lethal consequences.
    We’ve asked industry experts to explain exactly what you need to look for when choosing to undergo a cosmetic or plastic surgical procedure.
    All medical professionals working in Australia must be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).
    There is a search function on APHRA’s website where you can enter the name and health profession of a clinician you are interested in to check out their qualifications and if there have been any reports made against them.
    This is the absolute bare minimum requirement.
    For example, a doctor might be registered with APHRA and qualified as a GP, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are trained to inject Botox into your face.
    “See if they are a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons,” said the organisation’s president Professor Mark Ashton.
    “There are other trained surgeons who aren’t necessarily trained plastic surgeons but at a minimum, they should have what’s called a Fellowship from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons,” Prof Ashton said.
    But you don’t necessarily need a plastic surgeon if you’re simply having injectables, as opposed to a more advanced procedure like rhinoplasty or breast augmentation.
    For example, the Cosmetic Physicians’ College of Australia (CPCA) represents clinicians who are not surgeons, but are trained to perform cosmetic operations.
    A “FCPCA” is a fellow of the organisation and has been officially endorsed.
    The simple rule is this: If there’s a scalpel involved and your skin is being sliced open, you want a plastic surgeon.
    If it’s a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure such as Botox or filler injections, you’re fine with someone with only cosmetic surgery training.
    To search the name of a surgeon, visit surgeons.org/find-a-surgeon
    This is the opportunity for you to vet your chosen clinician. Ask them what procedures they regularly perform — is that the same as what you want to have done?
    “If you’re talking to the doctor, ask yourself if you feel comfortable with this person,” Dr Dingley said.
    “Go in with what you see as your issue, but don’t jump straight to the treatment. Don’t be in a hurry. Take the time to understand what your doctor is telling you and to think about the procedure,” she said.
    “Think, ‘Am I comfortable with this process? Could I deal with any of the complications that the doctor mentioned?’”
    If you’re undergoing a major procedure like a breast augmentation, your surgeon should insist you have a seven-day “cooling off” period to ensure you’re certain about your decision.
    “Overblown ads are a big no,” said Dr Dingley. 
    “People with good reputations often don’t need to promote themselves because they rely on word-of-mouth,” she said.
    “The people who have big flashy ads saying they’re the ‘best’ at something aren’t always accurate. Often people with the most awards and degrees on the wall are just doing that for appearances and are trying to make themselves look better than they are. In the best of hands, you won’t see that stuff.”
    “It’s absolutely critical that people realise that no procedure is without risk, even if the procedure is non-surgical,” said Prof Ashton.
    “Mistake can still occur even in the best of hands. For example, there are over 50 cases of people going blind from filler injections and we know that blindness is instantaneous and permanent,” he said.
    Dr Dingley recommends following all post-op instructions very carefully, as this is where infection can often occur.
    “If after a procedure you’re not sure about something, call. Sometimes you might need antibiotics so it doesn’t develop into a big infection, but if you sit on it for a week it can develop badly,” she said.
    “Don’t want for things to develop into something major that could have been averted earlier.”
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    cosmetic got a reaction from Gabby1 in calling themselves ‘cosmetic surgeons’ are ‘butchering’ young female patients   
    For those of you girls wanting  to go to cosmetic evolution or any cosmetic surgeon you might want to read the below article.. 
    An ad placed for breast augmentation in Brisbane for $5900.00
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    cosmetic got a reaction from TheFox in Poll: Was it worth it   
    I can’t comment on Melbourne surgeons as I don’t know any of them. I trust what   @TheFox posted as a reliable genuine source.  
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    cosmetic got a reaction from MelbGal in Rhinoplasty in Australia or overseas; recovery info too   
    Any post complication that may arise you would want to be close as possible to you’re surgeon so they can manage it.  The nose is so delicate 
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    cosmetic got a reaction from donatella in Do you think Fillers are better in enhancing the nose than rhinoplasty?   
    @donatella would be better suited to respond.  
    I think the nose carries a higher risk as @donatella mentioned.  With cheeks I’m fine not really scared.  
    Ive been to several clinics and all  the nurses would  refuse to go anywhere near my nose. They themselves said you better off going to see a doctor as injecting in this area carries a higher risk.  I need fillers between my eyebrow area as there’s a deep crease that should have been taken out when I underwent primary rhinoplasty instead got deeper  
    Cheeks and lips carry a lower risk. Just go to a injector that is experienced. 
    They did a good job! You’re nose is pretty!
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    cosmetic got a reaction from TheFox in Foot Fetish   
    Well considering this forum anonymous and @TheFox don’t think I’m weird or ban me from this forum lol only responding.. someone must have hacked into my old cosmetic account and post this topic. 
    @tiiegan Is talking about doing a  foot job on her boyfriend.  Instead of the girl useing her hands ( hand job) she  use’s her feet to pleasure her man ( foot job)  ( it can be a good work out especially for the stomach,thigh and legs) 
    Foot fetish is  for people  who love  feet soles toes  etc.. it’s very common.  Alot of girls have foot fetish as well but won’t admit to it so I’m told.. 
    Who doesn’t like a girl with nice pretty feet hahaha! 
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    cosmetic got a reaction from LaurenT in Cosmetic Evolution (TCI) Dr Lee   
    Legal action against TCI hence the name change.
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    cosmetic got a reaction from misstons in Cosmetic Evolution (TCI) Dr Lee   
    Legal action against TCI hence the name change.
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    cosmetic got a reaction from TheFox in Kombucha   
    iT'S NOT HARD TO MAKE kOMBUCHA RATHER CREATIVE!!  I find my homemade Kombucha better than the commercial Kombucha.
    I would have loved to have given your 6 old some of my  Kombucha if  only you were in Syndey .
     I'll post photos of my booch up for members...  
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    cosmetic got a reaction from Beauty_Queen in Dr Mooney/Dr Marcells/Dr Pincock or Dr Shahidi?   
    Just out of curiosity did they mention how you can prevent or reduce bone density ? 
    I haven't met Dr Shahidi personally but his before and after photos posted on the internet are amazing!  From memory Dr George Marcells & Dr Green smith where two surgeons you were wanting to consult with in relation to rhinoplasty ? How did that go ?
    I had two non-sugical procedures done last year PRP and silhouette thread lift and will be posting a topic   soon when I get a chance.
    I'm going for a revision rhinoplasty consultation in the coming weeks and will post my experience when I get a chance!
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    cosmetic got a reaction from Saljo in Labiaplasty   
    How  did you go?  I've  been watching  surgeons on snapchat doing this procedure!  
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    cosmetic got a reaction from LizD in Suspected fake accounts   
    I agree admin must address it but it's hard to police.  It's not only that Doctors and there affiliates are creating fake accounts just to give themselves positive reviews. Some are getting way to obvious ...
    I'm a Male in my 20's and I ain't no creep,  However, I am very active on these forums and my main interest in discussion  are non-surigcal and anything face related.  Considering I'm in the health industry  I love watching doctors on  snap chat performing breast augmentation,labiaplasty and brazlian butt lifts and of course facelift and RHINOPLASTY!!!  
    These guys have no life and nothing better to do  From a guy sorry girls some guys are just big losers!!!
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    cosmetic got a reaction from mikk in Rhinoplasty surgeons in Melbourne?   
    I have read mixed reviews on this surgeon! I feel sorry for the patients he's operated on! Paying top dollars at times is questionable.. 
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    cosmetic reacted to Maira in Looking for Rhinoplasty surgeon! Has anyone used Dr Zachariah in Sydney?   
    ^ String after string of what are obviously fake posts. They're so obvious it's laughable. Hate to clue his staff into changing tactics but there's an obvious pattern to the usernames (I mean hardly any of us on here have such formal usernames). I'm so fed up with seeing his fake posts on here 
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    cosmetic reacted to donatella in Breast implant slips out onto dancefloor... Sweet Mary of Jesus I have heard of a lot of things but what the hell ?   
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    cosmetic reacted to Oreal in I want to do it but...   
    Hello all! I'm Tiago.
    It's been many years since i feel really bad about my potato nose, but now i'm decided to go for it, maybe this summer.
    I'm from Portugal and here there is not many surgeons i could trust to do it, unfortunately. This means that maybe the best choice it's to do outside, rhinoplasty surgeons are better and it's cheaper. But is there anything like the best rhinoplasty surgeon? I've been reading very good reviews from some surgeons but then there is also bad reviews from the same surgeons (Vincent Rodrigo, Rezai, Frati, etc) and i honestly dont know which one would be the best.
    I've read some good reviews about some people who did it in Prague (Praga Medica). Do you know them? Could it be a good choice?
    Oh, one other question please, do you think it's also important that the surgeon also exert otolaryngologist?
    Thanks a lot!
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    cosmetic reacted to Maira in Open and Closed Rhinoplasty   
    From what I've gathered from my own research - for open the incision is made across the bottom of your nose (between your nostrils) and for closed the incision is made in the mucosal linings of your nostrils (there's actually a lot of images on google showing exactly where the incision is made - although just a warning, they're pretty graphic).
    In terms of which is best I think it's best to have a look through some popular surgeons websites on the issue. A lot of them will have addressed their preferred method on there. For example, the surgeon I've been looking into for about a year now (and still undecided ahhh) prefers open for the majority of primary rhinos and open for ALL revision rhinos. 
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    cosmetic reacted to noeyedear in If I knew then what i know now   
    It's so tricky, I often wonder do some surgeons just have better, more prominent marketing strategies than others, especially when their instagrams are only full of girls that look like models. Even on this forum how do you know who is real/telling the truth or not. There's spam on here all the time so it's obviously not hard to join! 
    It does bring about the point of making sure it's clear who pays for revision and what is included etc. 
    Thanks for your post! 
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    cosmetic reacted to mikk in Australia's top 10 rhinoplasty surgeons   
    PR machine in full force again.
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    cosmetic reacted to AmyVM in Just had rhinoseptoplasty with Andrew Greensmith   
    Hi everyone, I'm one day post op from rhinoseptoplasty with Andrew Greensmith.he also did a fascial graft from behind my ear to build up my nose. I did heaps of research leading up to my decision to use him and I can say I'm feeling way better than expected. Op was 930 and I ate a full dinner by 5 in Cabrini. I was nowhere near this well for my BA. Will post pics as I go along the recovery path but I'm so impressed. 

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    cosmetic reacted to misslittle is Enhanced in Cynthia Weinstein - Unregistered but still working as a surgeon   
    Thought i'd share this video about "dr" Cynthia Weinstein
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    cosmetic reacted to 520rounds in RHINO PERTH   
    Aside from Imani and Pham who else would you recommend in Perth? or would you fly over east to have surgery with another (possibly more skilled surgeon)? From the comments I have read about the above two surgeons in a few previous threads.. I am curious if the recommendations/cpmments on those threads are legit or fake accounts.. I would LOVE to see before and after photos also..
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