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  1. Hi Newster, I've read that somewhere also. However I wouldn't worry too much myself as I would be careful and work out a lot. But I wonder if the body shape that was created by lipo would stay? If that is the case I would still be happy lol
  2. So I met with Dr yesterday for the consultation! He quoted me just over 9K for four areas - armpits, flanks, lower belly and upper belly. He was very nice through out the consultation and made me feel confident about the procedure! I am still deciding when to have it done.. I am thinking of seeing Dr. Shaz Musavi too, has anyone used him for lipo before?
  3. Hello Sweetly! Thanks for sharing your experience with Dr. Chen! My consultation with him is coming soon and I am excited already! Just curious to know as to what happens when you gain weight after liposuction? (Not that I am planning to gain weight back on....no!)
  4. Oh ok me too, I am size 8 but i just cant get rid of those stubborn areas by working out and eating healthy!
  5. Hello ladies! I am booked in for a consultation with Dr. Chen next week too. I am so excited! It will be my first lipo. Please share your experience with Dr. Chen with me if you have any!
  6. I will def let you know how it goes. Where are you thinking of getting lipo on? I was told you would be looking at about a month minimum to recover fully. If you work out at the gym a lot you wont be able to do so at least 4 - 6 weeks!
  7. Hi donatella! I have spoken to Ashbury, as well and actually I am booked in for a consultation with Dr. Chen next week! Have you had lipo with him yet or are you still thinking?
  8. Hi ladies I am still very new here and wanted to ask if you could share your experience with liposuction! I have been considering having lipo on my armpits, flanks and lower belly sometime later this year. I am located in Gold Coast and looking around for a good doctor around Brissy/GC area. Please let me know if you absolutely loved/regretted your lipo and if you can recommend any good doctor around Brisbane! Thanks in advance xxx
  9. Hi all, I have just joined here and my apology if this topic has been discussed elsewhere before but I need your advice please. I have excess fat under arms - armpits and I have been annoyed by it for a while and now I am considering a lipo option to get rid of this annoying fat. Has anyone had this problem/surgery, also I am from the Gold Coast - would you recommend any particular surgeon? Thank you very much in advance.
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