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    Brisbane QLD
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    BA for mild tuberous breasts, all I want is some projection and lower pole!
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    Dr Kane 11/08:
    - recommended round med or high profile textured 330-350ccs.... Didn't bother to ask what I wanted to achieve from surgery, utterly unimpressed.

    Dr Sawhney 18/08:
    - recommended medium profile anatomical mentors, 230cc and 275cc. Vectra results looked amazing
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    5'4", 63kg (goal is 55kg)
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  1. Going to see Szalay at precision clinic in Brisbane tomorrow after seeing a PS last year. I am dubious going to a cosmetic surgeon as I am slightly tuberous. can a cosmetic surgeon lower inframammary folds or score under nipples to reduce puffiness? I have him fix tuberous breasts by just using anatomical implants over muscle and they look great. has anyone had any experience with him? thanks x x
  2. Jess they're looking amazing!! I was wondering how much Richardson charges for tuberous breasts/all up how much it was that you paid? Was it easy to apply for the rebate from medicare? I was all set to go with Raja Sawhney last year but chickened out and now I am starting the process all over again! Thanks! Feel free to private message me x
  3. I think it depends on the surgeon's policies and the incision site. Will definitely need to go if you get periariola for instance My friend had a crease incision and had to remove hers though, so be wary that it might occur. I'm really hoping that with plastic bars I'll be able to keep mine in.
  4. Yes please, alright if i follow you Comtom? It's so hard looking at normal BAs and having to imagine how they'd turn out with a tuberous breast.
  5. Did some quick calculations and it seems like I will be able to afford a BA as early as Feb next year! However, I don't have private health cover and I know little about what they include when you choose to have a surgery and whether it's worth it (or cheaper) to have it before surgery. What is covered by PH if you get a BA? surgical costs or anaethetists? Does having insurance cover you in any damages or problems should they occur? How much is it and did you have to have it for a year before making a claim? What category do BAs go under so I can make sure that I would be covered should I get PH? I may be eligible for medicare items, does that change anything? Sorry for the spam of questions but googling didn't help me very much and I don't know anyone who has been through anything similar. If anyone has any advice or recommendations of providers I would be very grateful. Thanks so much <3
  6. They look amazing Em!! So happy for you, hope there's not too much pain. Did you end up with 350ccs?
  7. The Vectra images are infamous for showing wide wide cleavage gaps, as they project from the nipple direction and don't take into account that the rib wall is pretty much straight, and that's what the implant will be sitting on. They are just a computer generated image after all so I wouldn't stress and if that's the biggest size you can fit in then I'm sure they'll still look perfect and be an improvement in size to what you have atm! All the best for November <3
  8. Hey Jehllie, realised that I added you on IG witihout messaging you here first >.< Sorry. I'm K_Tasha, would love to see how your progress is doing! they look so amazing and it gives me so much hope for my boobies x
  9. Hey Cupcake, any chance you had nipple piercings that you were allowed to keep in?
  10. Well I'm after slightly smaller boobs than that and have been recommended 235-270cc, so that sounds about right but as above it all depends on your frame. I'm 33" bust/ 28" (27 when thin) waist/ 35" hip and 168cm. If you're after a natural look I would say go with the smaller option, you can always wear a padded bra, bralets look better with smaller boobs and larger implants are much more likely to look fake on a thin frame (which it looks like you have if your dp is you). you can always upsize but if they're too big/fake looking the skin might stretch out and not recover if you change to smaller ones. Just my two cents, but then again, I have not had a BA yet or experienced the boob greed.
  11. Hey MandyS, hope the strap and massage has helped, how are you going now?
  12. Thanks Aljen, it might be worth saying that I am only getting small implants (275cc) under the muscle too, glad that someone with small implants has commented as I know a fair few here have much bigger ones I think if I had 350cc+ I wouldn't think of wearing anything less than a crop. A fair array of answers, so I guess as always depends on the person Thanks everyone for replying. I need to invest in some more crops, I had no idea that they existed until a few weeks ago and now I live in them, so much more comfortable than bras!
  13. Have read some posts where ladies have had a BA and now need to wear a bra every day as they experience pain without or some other reason... was wondering if it was to do with size or placement or age? I hate bras and only wear them to hide my pointy boobs, I'm a bit scared that if I get a BA I'll be bound to one forever, even with nice boobs Does anyone here go braless every once in a while/every day? is it okay to do so if you have sub-muscular placement? (I know it's not recommended with overs as there's no support) Those who do skip bras have you noticed any excessive drooping? thanks guys, would love to hear your experiences x x
  14. Have only had two consults and have made no moves to book a surgery yet (still deciding) but I would definitely recommend talking to Dr Sawhney on the GC, he is a lovely down to earth guy who I found quite easy to talk to and feel comfortable around. He measures everything by hand also and gives you in depth explanations as to what he would do in the surgery to best suit you. Best of luck!
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