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  1. Choc mum of 2, no pain bubble ? I dont know guess i just didnt need it. My incision are from hip to hip and originally i was told i was having lipo with it but apparently my surgeon said the skin to fat ratio didnt warrant it ? I was very suprised at this . Five kilos of skin removed from my tummy. On wednesday all my dressings cam be removed according to my surgeon and then i need to find out what happens next
  2. I teach high school english and the kids will comment on wether or not im wearing a different lipstick ! Im not sure what im going to say if they comment on my flat tummy and new huge boobs lol
  3. I had a full tummy tuck and breast augmentation last Thursday the 25th. My stay in hospital was overnight. The drains and everything came out the morning after surgery and since day one ive been able to sleep flat on my back. I dont love this as i am a side sleeper but yes i guess it goes to show we are all different. I was prescribed panadeine Forte for pain but used maybe only 4 of them ? The swelling above the suture line sucks though . ? Good luck.
  4. I am feeling exactly like this. Everyone says do you love them.? No not yet but im hoping it gets better . Im 6 days post op with 560 cc overs and my nipples sit way too low still.
  5. I woke up from BA on thursday morning only to see that the brand new inplants that i had put in were from the Brazilian company that recalled them !. I called my plastic surgeon Dr Goldman and he read me the statements that basically said the body that does testing and regulating on these things on a random routiene inspection discovered a single strand of cotton fabric and 3 tiny silicone molecules that they dont know where they came from. This was only one implant. As they are sterilized and inspected upon opening he didn't think there was any reason to be concerned. I guess time will tell. This happened the morning after i woke up so i wasnt given a choice.
  6. I had my BA and tt done by Dr Robert Goldman last Thursday the 24th September. I had 560 cc teardrop both sides. The breast augmentation pain isnt bad at all. The tummy is a bit tender. My only issue is i dont feel he has great post op care with giving information but then i have nothing to compare too.
  7. I dont know if im loving my new body yet. I hate that im still covered in the surgical wash stuff and cant shower until monday as it is everywhere. My pain is manageable with the over the counter meds. Swelling is okay. I had a full tummy tuck, and 560 cc implants tear drop. The surgeon wants me to wear this hoŕrible compression garment that was causing me so much pain and i couldnt breathe so i swapped over to a sports bra and spanxs like underwear. Hoping to get stronger and better each day.
  8. I am booked for surgery this Thursday, I have two working days left and then we head off on Wednesday as it is an 8 hour drive to the city for the op. Weirdest thing this morning my breasts started aching and were very tender like when your pregnant, which is not possible because my husband has had a vasectomy and I am on the pill (my choice to regulate cycle) and you have to have sex ! and well aint nobody got time for that !! unfortunately. lol I've been on the pill continuously for like 4 months or something and now I am getting break through bleeding, just my bloody luck! Do I tell the surgeon? are you supposed to use a tampon in surgery? uggghhh why now of all times. I am having a "mummy makeover" so BA and TT with 560 above the muscle implants. Its good to read all your comments and find that for mos people the pain is manageable. So excited to see my name on the surgery line up for this week, good luck everyone pre and post op.
  9. 4 days left of work, and omg 8 days until the surgery. Been planning since May this year. Super excited
  10. i am also going around the 525 mark. Would love to know how you went and see some pictures when your up to sharing . Best of luck x
  11. i am also going around the 525 mark. Would love to know how you went and see some pictures when your up to sharing . Best of luck x
  12. cannot wait till the week after and my name is also on the list.
  13. so i had to google endone and found out that its pain relief lol very important ! Is this the standard pain med that most surgeons provide does anyone know ? The reason i ask is a few years ago i broke my ankle in 3 places extremely painful but they gave me oxycontin which apparently is in endone and i felt nothing. So if this is the case i am very relieved that i can cross that worry off my list.
  14. Mine is like 3 weeks away and yes i feel like this too. My newest thing is to feel bad about how much this is costing. It is very exciting though, best of luck.
  15. Thank you. That was really helpful advice. ☺
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