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    375cc-400cc haven’t decided.
    Cosmetic avenue
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    Dr Tony yet to confirm surgery date
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    10A-10B Hoping for a 10D-10E. Weight 65kls height 5ft something
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    Coles worker and mummy to three babies
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    to many to think of lol

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  1. Tamika2230


    I’ve had 4 kiddies my self and due to one being still born I only breast fed 3 of them. I’m surprised I got tissue. Thats the thing I was worried about th whole fake look. The only thing I don’t want is the full round ness etc I’m 23 years old so maybe teen boobs wouldn’t be to bad lol
  2. Tamika2230


    Anyone else please
  3. Tamika2230


    Thanks you have been a big help!
  4. Tamika2230


    That’s what I was thinking and why he offered xhp for me in 450. Like I didn’t ask for 450 as I didn’t think I could have it. He just offered as I said I did want big. I just yeah don’t wanna regret not going big. I have weight behind me. I got big hips and legs and he said xhp wouldn’t make me look To big up top compared to the bottom. It would look good only thing he said it’s more recovery time as they are bigger but the side boob might annoy me when putting my arms down. I’m thinking maybe I might ask for 400 in hp and see how I go unless I can see what other people’s look like who are not on the super skinny size. I got good breast tissue which is why he offered me the bigger size so that’s a bonus.
  5. Tamika2230


    Hey. I had my consultation Saturday the 11th of November. And it went amazing I went to cosmetic avenue my surgeon will be dr Tony I felt super comfortable with him. He said There is very little difference between my boobs they look amazing considering I’ve had 4 children, he said I can go 375cc hp or if I wanted 450cc it will need to be xhp they are mentor rounds , now I know I’ve always wanted to go 450-500 for as long as I’ve been looking at getting a ba which has been since I was 17 I’m now 23. Only issue I’m having is I’m not 100% on xhp I’ve seen very little on the net about them and not many topics on them either. I’ll be going under the muscle so would that limit the whole “fake” look. I mean there fake non the less but I don’t want the whole rounded look the xhp gives you. Last thing I want is to regret not going the size I’ve wanted. But then regret how they will look. So can I please get some help. Who’s going xhp? Do you love them. How do they look. My stats are 65kls 5”4 thats all I know lol
  6. Tamika2230

    800cc. 20 feb 2017 dr eddy dona 👏👏👏

    Haha. I really wanna get lypo done. I’m to lazy to excercise. Especially with my kids it’s hard. Then I want it put in my ass ahaha oh wow that would look great ! How much is that stinging you. ?
  7. Tamika2230

    800cc. 20 feb 2017 dr eddy dona 👏👏👏

    Aha I don’t blame you! It would be such a handful running a business page. If I was you I’d put mirrors all through out my house and walk about naked just to see my boobs every day 😂 I will! I’ll let you know what he says. At least I’ll find out my bmi etc and all my stats. As all I know is my sort of cup size and weight. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thats so exciting ! How come your getting your jaw done ?
  8. Tamika2230

    800cc. 20 feb 2017 dr eddy dona 👏👏👏

    I’m so happy they are what you wanted ! Hopefully you make an insta so we can all see the ladies ! I was in love with your boobs before hand I can not wait to see them now 😍 I FINALLY! Have a consultation in November I’m so excited to see what they can do and the size I can get.
  9. Good luck ! Fingers crossed for a safe surgery and speedy recovery xx
  10. Tamika2230

    Cosmetic Avenue

    Following ! I go for mine in November.
  11. Tamika2230

    800cc. 20 feb 2017 dr eddy dona 👏👏👏

    Hey Donatella, I’m just wondering how your going and if they have df anymore for your liking ? X
  12. Tamika2230

    800cc. 20 feb 2017 dr eddy dona 👏👏👏

    They look amazing hunni! Are you planning on anaother one or is this definitely the last boob job? Can't wait to see what they look like 6months from now !
  13. Tamika2230

    Thinking About Downsizing

    @Beautiful_Mind I'm so glad you went and got new bras and feel better now , honestly your choice on what you decide and I'm sure a surgeon will figure out the "loose skin" part which I don't think you would have An issue with. But you your boobs look amazing and suit your frame.
  14. Tamika2230

    Having a down moment again

    Maybe try a smaller cup size? As you would of found with small boobs push up bras in a smaller size pushed them together and up. Or just drag them across to eachother with your bra on? Like we do with our itty bitty titties
  15. Tamika2230

    Wanting recommendations on a good surgeon

    Aha it's sad I have to wait yet again 😩 Always something comes up. I'm currently with my mum whilst she is having her first chemo. This year has been *****. How have the ladies been I can't remember when you got them done? Do you wish you went bigger