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  1. I haven't had this problem, but I don't think I've d&f'd yet.. I got 295cc mod profile and 325cc high profile - u can check my gallery for before and after pics if u like. I'm 3 weeks post op.
  2. Hi guys, so I've got very similar stats - 10A, 159cm, 51kg- I'm 3 weeks post op and received 295cc moderate profile in my left and 325cc high profile in my right. Please see my gallery for pics ? I don't know what size I'll end up being.. Wil be a surprise for me lol
  3. hey how did you go? I have very similar stats - 51kg, 159cm - and I went with 295cc and 325cc. I had an option of going to a bigger size but if I did I would get a very round and fake look which is not what I wanted. I also have a very small frame and chest so going the smaller size was perfect for me plus they look quite big now.. cant wait till they drop
  4. Hi Prue, it didn't cost me extra for two different profile implants or getting two different sizes. I dont really know myself but I haven't heard of them being priced seperately so it should be priced as a pair
  5. mm oh great I've stopped it for a few days I guess I'll just start taking it till I get to the sugar pills and see.. I see the Dr next week to change the steri-strips I might mention it then bad timing! ?
  6. yes true, i just know how my body is before I get my period. I'll see in a few days
  7. Can someone help me!? I had last taken the pill 2 days before I had my surgery. I haven't bothered taking it because being in meds and antibiotics it will be ineffective anyways. I'm actually due in a few days or so but no signs of getting it yet even though I have skipped it being on the meds. I'm so bloated right now and it's scaring me lol. When will my period come? After I stop taking the meds or should it come now? I doubt that I'm pregnant but I'm starting to worry!!
  8. Boobarella, I am very similar! I had my surgery yesterday. I got 295cc mod prof in my left and 325cc high profile in my right. This was due because my left boob was bigger than my left. Dr Kwok gave me the option of 330cc mods or 345cc high prof but he said these would look fake and my nipples would turn in more because I also have a sunken in chest. My surgery went well and recovery is surprisingly very good, just a very tight chest, can walk around and do a few things on my own but needing help showering and putting on clothes lol. I'm so excited to see what they look like when they drop!
  9. hahaha so true! hahaha so true!
  10. I just had my surgery today! I honestly tried to eat healthy but couldn't haha it'd so exciting and I'm absolutely fine! Just some pain in the chest and some pressure but so fine!
  11. I just had my surgery today! I honestly tried to eat healthy but couldn't haha it'd so exciting and I'm absolutely fine! Just some pain in the chest and some pressure but so fine!
  12. so just hd my surgery! I'll try post up pics when I can too but would love to see when u get them
  13. they look really good! When they drop they're gonna look even better
  14. So just had my consultation. I was recommend 2 different sized implants. My left boob is projecting out more than my right side by 4mm. I had gone for 295cc mod prof for my left side and 325cc high prof for my right. He also told me the biggest he could put in my boob was 330cc mods in my left and 345cc high prof I'm my right- however this would stretch my skin to 110% and becuase I have a skinny frame it would look like massive balls on my chest- which I do not want! The smaller ones would give me a more natural look which is want I'm looker for Does anyone have pics of 2 different profile implants?
  15. I discussed this with my GP and he said that twilight would be fine for me. I am quick scared and never been under GA before. They both have their pros and cons but he mentioned that I am fit and healthy, don't drink or smoke and should be fine. He did say that their would be a possibility u may wake up but ensured I would be fine. Still tossing up my thoughts about it though. People are gonna have their views on either one, just stick with your gut and do what's best for you
  16. I'm the same lol. Which is why I spoke to my GP about it. My ba is in 4 days!! He told me I'm healthy and I shouldn't have anything to worry about going under. If your the same, you should be fine
  17. donatella.... whaaat you look so good! I'm so scared about having big boobs. They look so good but I feel like big boobs won't suit my frame! I actually did the rice sizers for fun the other night.. I only put 2 cups in and was shocked! Haha they were so big but again seemed the right size.. Im horrified as to what 1 more cup would look like ? lol
  18. Goodluck! Hope it all goes well x
  19. how exciting! ? Mine is in less than 2 weeks! Super super nervous lol. Can I ask did Dr Donna cost more than the others?
  20. Hey Jaide Happy to hear you had a great experience. I am exactly the same, hearing all these unsuccessful stories it's terrifying. I'm going with Dr Kwok in about 15 days and I'm so nervous. I'm glad to hear there is alot of support with you The maim thing worrying me is the twilight anaesthtic.. I've never had anything of the sort or surgery even so I'm even more nervous lol Hoping for comfortable experience throughout
  21. In my opinion I honestly think that the 60 mins crew is making these girls over exaggerating things alittle bit. I recall a comment on the TCI facebook page that a news crew contacted her and told her to actually speak bad about them. They will do anything to create a bigger story then what it actually is.. anyways... Yes these ladies had an unfortunate experience but everyone is different in the way their body reacts to anasethetic. I understand that there are alot of factors that need to be taken into account when administering anasethetic; such as age, weight, medications you take etc therefore, I believe a consult with your GP would be a good idea and talk about your surgery with them before you have a consultation with your surgeon. However, why dont they show the other unfortunate unsuccessful stories from other CS or even PS not from TCI. Just my opinion.
  22. Thanks melbba, I spoke with them yesterday and confirmed that as well
  23. oh okay, in my email it said the are going to offer GA.. will have call and check it out which surgeon did you end up going with?
  24. I'm glad your experience was excellent! hoping your recovery isn't too painfup. Can I ask if you had the option of GA or twilight? Also did you stay overnight? Congrats on booking! ? that's very lucky! Wish they could open one up in melbourne would be heaps easier lol.
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