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  1. Hi guys, Apologies for the late reply (I have been overseas). Bella Skin: from memory, you require to wear a supporting nose bracket for two weeks and once removed another week just tape. Basically three weeks. It can take up to a year for all swelling to subside. E.g. when it is hot, your nose will randomly swell etc. Survive/hide the first three weeks and you should be fine! Caterpillar: thank you for the sweet and understanding words! Yoromi: please please be careful which surgeon you choose to touch your face! Only look at surgeons who are specialized for that particular area. No general plastic surgeons! You can find Dr Imani's details on http://www.facial-plasticsurgery.com.au/ Hope this helps! Regards,
  2. Hi Leah, I realize you are over-east but see my latest topic. I know what you are going through and I truly recommend Dr Imani!
  3. The reason why I am sharing my story is because Dr Imani practically saved my life. I understand that this might sound melodramatic but as far as I am concerned he truly did. Let me start at the beginning. I have always had a fairly large, quite bony, nose and even though I was fortunate enough never to be bullied because of it, I never liked it. My mind was made up; as soon as I had saved the money, I would get a nose job. After doing brief research, I found an affordable and experienced surgeon in Belgium (I am a Dutch native). I figured, I only want the very minimal to be change (same nose but more petite) so it should be ok. My initial consultation was very rushed, I did not get the feeling that the doctor was listening to what I was saying, nor did he explain anything about how rhinoplasty works etc. Looking back this was my warning sign not proceed with the surgery, but unfortunately I did. What follows is basically the worse year of my life. He had butchered my nose: I had little nose bridge left, en profil it wasn’t a straight nose, but it had a curve and the tip of my nose was made round and placed upwards (resembling Little Miss Piggy). It was the first time I was very happy to leave home (The Netherlands) to go back to Australia (for work) since that way I did not have to face close friends and family. I was extremely embarrassed about my nose. My confidence went completely out the window and I struggled to even talk to people. There was not one moment a day where I would not think about my nose. It made me depressed. Badly. I had to do someone about it but frankly I was scared. It couldn’t get much worse but what if they couldn’t make my nose look better either? I started researching online and to my absolute horror, I soon realised that many facial plastic surgeons do not perform revised rhinoplasty. Eventually I came across Dr Imani. This time I extensively researched accreditations and reviews. All very promising but it wasn’t until I met him during our initial consultation that I knew I found a good surgeon. Dr Imani was very patient and professional; he explained in detail what he could do with my nose (add cartilage to my nose bridge etc.). He was even able to describe how my nose looked like BEFORE my first rhinoplasty! I knew Dr Imani was the right person to perform my revised rhinoplasty and this got once more confirmed on the day of my surgery when he came to see me just before the op to talk things through one more time. Dr Imani did an absolute amazing job. He didn’t just make my nose look less bad, but actually made it near enough perfect! It just suits my face and personality and I will be forever grateful. Now I look in the mirror and see my face instead of solely my nose. I go through life without even thinking about my nose! All thanks to Dr Imani. It was due to reviews that I choose Dr Imani and I would like to return the favour with my review and hopefully help others in the process of finding a good facial plastic surgeon. In a nutshell, this experience has taught me the following: 1) If you don’t hate it, do not touch it. People do not look at you in the same detail as you do yourself. I have close family and friends that still have no idea that I have had two nose jobs and in both cases they were drastically different from the previous. 2) Don’t get plastic surgery somewhere cheap. You only get one body and believe me, you are better off paying a little extra for the likelihood of it being done well. 3) Dr Imani has such a good eye for detail and I now also get my Botox done at his practise in Claremont (Perth). He is a very honest man and would definitely tell you when he believes it is not (yet) required or that your wishes are not a good idea. PS: I would like to share pictures but since it was truly a traumatic event, I erased all existing evidence of that period in my life. Dr Imani does have before and after photos on file so please let me know if you are interested and I am sure I can get them off him.
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