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    Breast augmentation
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    Dr Ali Hussain 29/7/15
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    365cc HP under muscle
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    SAHM...5 year old, 7 year old

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  1. Kayla89

    Nipple piercings

    Sorry for the late reply!! So the weight of the bar doesn't make the nipple sag at all? i love the look of it, just worried about infection and the healing time as I've heard it can take months?
  2. Kayla89

    Bigger or smaller? It's such a hard choice!

    I am 159cm 50kg and went 365..naked they look large, in normal shirts you can't tell I've had them done. I workout 5 days a week, and they never get in the way (though I don't train chest at all)...I would love to go bigger, but at the same time 365 really suit my frame.
  3. They look goooood 😀 Can't wait to see once they have dropped and fluffed
  4. Kayla89

    Nipple piercings

    Hey ladies! Just wondering if anyone has had their nips pierced after a ba? I am 18mths post op and am thinking of getting it done 😬 Google has put me off a bit though ahaha
  5. Kayla89

    May 2016 boobs!

    What size did you go Julie?? They are amazing 😍
  6. Kayla89

    560cc or 615cc HELP!!!

    I was looking in indianas albums at her results
  7. Kayla89

    560cc or 615cc HELP!!!

    They look great 😍 Bet you're happy you went the 615
  8. Kayla89

    Opinions on my lips?

    They look perfect!! natural but nice and plump 💋
  9. Kayla89

    Going out after augmentation??

    I was fine on day two..went shopping and flew home. But day three was crap! i wasn't expecting to feel so tired..also couldn't lift my arms
  10. Kayla89

    Bra's to fit the augmented breast

    The ones in your post op album 😍
  11. Kayla89

    Bra's to fit the augmented breast

    Naomi49 can I ask why you are having them redone??? They are perfect 😍
  12. I am 159cm 50kg and went 365cc...I'm a 10DD but wish I went bigger 😒 Naked they look quite big but not in clothes
  13. Kayla89

    560cc or 615cc HELP!!!

    Go the biggest you can! I'm 159cm 50kg with 365....wish I had gone at least 500 😁 if your surgeon recommends that size, I would go with it
  14. Kayla89

    Bottoming out?

    They are perfect!!!!
  15. I'm 12 months and still wear mine to bed