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    TCI - 21st of August
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  1. I have 295 High profile. I had a BWD of 11. My surgeon said some girls can +1cm or -1cm, but I I should only go 0.25 over my bwd, because any wider of an implant wouldn't look right on my little rib cage. I really wanted to be as large as I could to prevent boob greed. Not many people have noticed I look different. Clothed, I just look like I'm wearing a double cup padded bra. All my size 6 clothes still fit/are even roomy. Naked, I'm loving my new boobs. Never thought I'd get boob greed. But I really don't feel like my 295's are very big at all. If I can go bigger in the future I would probably do it!
  2. Thanks for sharing your story. I'm thinking about how it's all going to go down for me when I tell my very old fashioned mother. I've been living interstate for a few months. Going moving back home on the weekend and I'm sure my parents will want to catch up at some point. At this stage I'm leaning towards sending all my siblings a text telling them about it and asking them not to draw any attention in front of mum. haha... I'm a chicken.
  3. I felt awful as well. I chucked a few too many sooky tantrums every time I had to get dressed and leave the house. I'm starting to feel happier around the 6 week mark.
  4. Hi Ladies, I've been really enjoying using this forum. It have been a great help for me with my BA experience. I'm looking to join a forum about fashion & beauty. Particularly Australian fashion. I need more clothes to go with my new body!! :-D I've had a bit of a look through google, but wondering if any one has any favorites/suggestions? Perhaps I'm dreaming of something that doesn't exist, i.e. a Pinterest full of outfits made up of Australian fashion that I can actually buy. Thanks!
  5. I've noticed a big change in mine since I hit the 6 week mark a few days ago. I'm starting to feel more comfortable wearing slightly revealing tops. They're still a little bit too fake looking for my liking.... but I'm kinda enjoying it at the moment. Hehe.
  6. I feel the same! Sleep beats exercise alot more these days!
  7. I had a 1.5 hour drive after my surgery. The drive didn't really bother me, but I was still pretty out of it. I packed a sick bucket, water, baby wipes, dry crackers, pillow & blanket in the car. I think I slept for most of it. I remember feeling a little nauseous, but wasn't sick. I was glad to be in my own bed.
  8. Bras's aren't fitting me either yet. I was desperate to buy a couple though before I went back to work so it would at least look like I was wearing a normal bra and not have a uni boob (getting sick of the post op bra raising all my clothes up in the middle). I bought a Chloe & Lola wireless bra & I bought one of these wireless bras http://www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/nikki-wirefree-bra-lunk947b-940968830-276739570. Yeh, they don't fit amazing, but nothing does at the moment,so I thought it would do for a few weeks. I just bought it so it's tight & it seems to do the trick for me at the moment. And it should hide my nipples in the office air con, lol. I might end up wearing them to bed/around the house once I fit underwire bras a bit better.
  9. Thanks everyone. I got fitted at a specialty shop & bought 2 6G bras. Im going to chop an inch or 2 off the band at the back & sew the clips back on, but the underwire fits so much better.
  10. Wondering what shape & brands of bras ladies with small rib cages are wearing. I did not realise how small my ribs are and how much trouble I would have finding bras post ba! My ribs are 23 inches. I can get them up to 25 inches when I'm muscley (but can't exercise upper body yet). With my 295cc boobs, I'm 29 inches over the bust. I can only fit 1 finger (on its side) between my cleavage, so anything with a wire needs to fit really well. Before BA, I had an idea that 8 bands were too big but didn't understand how important support would be post BA. Im hoping to find a couple before I go back to my part time office job (with white uniform shirt) in a few weeks. Am I weird? Or do others have this issue?
  11. I'm 26. I live in Brisbane with my boyfriend & our 2 crazy Labradors who are basically our children. I work from home as a dressmaker, but am moving away from that and trying to launch my own online store. We love to spend our time renovating houses. I love good food & fashion. I exercise a lot, simply so I can eat more.
  12. Following. I'm also wondering when the bumps usually disapear. My scars are still very raised. I rub them 3 times a day and use stratamed.
  13. Everyone is so different. I had surgery on Friday and was feeling fine & back working, at home by Tuesday. But I was still in my PJ's with a heat pack on my back and could stop work whenever I needed. Feeling good about leaving the house took me longer as I felt pretty gross for a while. Doing your hair is hard. Getting dressed can be annoying. I had some extreme bloating which made wearing pants quite the challenge. I made it to a lunch a week later looking only slightly pregnant & hunched over. I probably felt back to normal in terms of posture & bloating around 3 weeks. I'm still wearing the post op bra, so glad I don't have any events to attend.
  14. I'm also just over 4 weeks and I also feel like my right one acts differently. The muscle tenses up more frequently and lately I can feel my own tissue separate from the implant and become really soft. It feels kind of loose & saggy like there is a gap in between. But, then later in the day it'll be less noticeable and be more round & firm again. I spent the last 48 hours googling snoopy boob & CC etc..... I've never breast fed and had perky boobs pre op, so I'm putting it down to being right handed and the implant still sitting so high. I emailed photos to the nurse last week (for another concern) and they said they looked fine. I have a check up next week, so we'll see what they say. I'm probably just freaking myself out over nothing!
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