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  1. Jugs

    12 mpo today

    Wait and see what happens on Monday. It’s hard, but don’t think about what ‘might’ happen. Fingers crossed your surgeon is understanding and confident in fixing your boobs.
  2. Jugs

    12 mpo today

    Symmastia that occurs such a short time after surgery is most likely due to surgical error. I really hope your surgeon is helpful fixing the issue and you’re not left too much out of pocket.
  3. Jugs

    12 mpo today

    Definitely looks like symmastia to me 🙁 possibly due to implant size. Do you remember you BWD measurements? How far post op did it begin to happen?
  4. It looks like he’s done an absolutely phenomenal job. You must be over the moon 🙂 and it’s only going to get better from here!
  5. Jugs

    Dr Craig Layt

    I had a great experience with Dr Layt 🙂 I’m yet to see poor results from him. I will definitely see him later down the track after kids if I need ‘fixing’ haha.
  6. I don’t want to alarm you but just in a 5 minute google search I found a alarming amount of bad reviews on your surgeon. If you are bottoming out, please do not go back to him!
  7. My PS suggested similar and even gave exercises. I’m not sure if it was due to this, due to how careful he was or just sheer luck but I experienced no pain, just discomfort and was back to normal activities apart from lifting and driving at 3 days post op. I also wasn’t able to take the pain killers after my visit with my PS the day after surgery. We discovered that they were giving me the vomits and nausea. So I was just on good old panadol on day 2. Once again I may just have been super lucky or perhaps have a high pain tolerance. I’ve never had any other surgery so I can’t compare.
  8. Jugs

    Do they feel like yours?

    Mine felt like part of me around the three month mark when they started to soften and looked more natural up until then I could always notice their presence or feel them when I moved in a certain way
  9. Jugs

    Documenting my BA journey

    Yes! Thank you! And it’s also always a country that most Australian’s don’t consider travelling to for plastic surgery! Looking forward to the rest of your documenting 🙂
  10. Will cosmedi tour do tuberous breasts? I think you would be best going with either Dr or Dr T for something so complex.
  11. This post is has become full of nastiness although I’m sure everyone originally had the best intentions of helping the original poster out. Can we get a moderator to shut this post down?
  12. We all have a right to our opinions and we must also be respectful of the opinions of others. We can voice our opinions and thoughts without being antagonistic. Unfortunately over the internet words and tones can be misconstrued also. Everyone’s opinions and thoughts are warranted and apppreciated. No one should be told that they aren’t allowed to comment on certain topics. We all have beautiful boobs whether ‘large’ or ‘small’ and regardless of our personal preferences. We all have been brought here by a common goal - a quest for the perfect boobs for US. Whether that means we want to upsize or downsize.
  13. Following! I wanted this area fixed about two months ago. The injector said it would need to be fixed by placing fillers in my cheeks. I’m only in my mid 20’s so it’s not like I’ve lost a lot of fullness or volume in my face. The cheek fillers did absolutely nothing at all. Not for my cheek contours nor my nasolabial folds. $800 down the drain! Would love to follow your story.
  14. We all have different tastes and preferences. The 300cc photos @Kaleidoscope_Eyes are not large implants - but some of the results are what a lot of women and even men would consider to be ‘big boobs’. I get told I have ‘big boobs’ and I only measure at DD which we know in implants looks a lot smaller than a natural DD.
  15. There are definitely people who downsize, as well as there are women who are thrilled with implants below 350cc. It’s threads like this which have confused her. She was happy with the size she picked. Her surgeon has suggested sized based on her body and lifestyle. I’m sure he knows a lot more than us and she chose him based on his experience and reputation. Everyone has different bodies and preferences. She has decided to go with her original choice. Let’s all be happy and wish her the best. She doesn’t need to start second guessing her choice again.