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  1. Hi Guys, Looking for recommendations on injectors in either Brisbane or Gold Coast. I’m wanting my lips done, cheeks and possible anti wrinkle in forehead. The first and last time I had my lips and cheeks done at a LCA clinic I wasn’t very happy. This was at the beginning of last year. My lips still aren’t great, so I really want to find somewhere great. Thank you 🙂
  2. I can vouch for Dr Layt 🙂
  3. Thanks for sharing that! It really does pay to see a plastic surgeon.
  4. Great info thank you @TheFox. I think I would definitely go with smooth. I’m just worried that I can spend all the time in the world picking the safest implant and still wind up with CC, bottoming out or any of the other complications that are possible. I guess it’s just the risk we decide to take.
  5. I have allergan Natrelles and was advised early this year that they are one of the higher risk implants with ALCL. I’m breastfeeding at the moment and will be getting them removed when I can. I’m unsure whether I should replace them. It's tough to decide if the risks are worth it. How do I know the ones I replace them with won’t have other issues down the track.
  6. Which brand of implants do you have? I’m thinking of doing the opposite. I’m thinking of swapping rounds for teardrops.
  7. Teardrops look so natural. I personally think the smaller natural look is more ‘in’ now than an augmented look. I don’t like upper pole fullness anymore. With that being said my rounds still looked really natural. No one ever asked if they were fake. Dr Layt would never do the ‘bolt on’ look.
  8. The vectra imagine is VERY inaccurate. I’d personally go teardrop if I had my time again. But it sounds like the rounds would suit the look you’re going for.
  9. I went from a 12b to a 12dd. I don’t really have photos and can’t take any now. I’m currently breastfeeding. I’ll definitely be seeing Dr Layt for my revision when I’ve finished having kids.
  10. Pain can be associated with rupture or capsular contracture. Does the shape seem any different? Hope you get answers soon and hope it’s not bad news.
  11. I’m 166cm and 60kgs and went 385cc round as recommended by Dr Layt. I would definitely trust his recommendations. He is an artist 😏
  12. I had sensitive nipples, to the point I would hate my partner touching them. Breast feeding is going to hurt like a b*tch regardless in the beginning. Like @sabP said, they toughen up and you get used to it after a few weeks. I say this all as I have my baby attached 😆
  13. You can definitely still breast feed after a BA. I wouldn’t even consider having a BA if you are planning on having children in the next 5 years. Unless the cost of revision (often substantially more than the original surgery) is disposable income 😅
  14. Allergan textures such as the natrelle. Mine are the ones banned in the UK 😭
  15. I had dual plane, 385cc implants done by Dr Layt. My recovery period was a couple of days. The anaesthetic made me ill for two days. I couldn’t keep down pain meds for 24 hours so ended up going without them. The worst part was getting a good sleep and being comfortable at night time. Pain wasn’t really pain, just uncomfortable. My pain threshold is really bad, I’m a big sook but somehow managed to deal with a BA easily. Everyone is different. I could lift my arms the following day. Hope that helps.
  16. I definitely agree with you, a kit would be great. I feel like I want to try the range but there’s so many products I wouldn’t know what I need or where to begin.
  17. My surgeon gave me a massive role of the silicone scar tape in my take home care pack. My partner can’t even find my scars 😂 I’m sure as long as you get a good product they will all work really well.
  18. Wait and see what happens on Monday. It’s hard, but don’t think about what ‘might’ happen. Fingers crossed your surgeon is understanding and confident in fixing your boobs.
  19. Symmastia that occurs such a short time after surgery is most likely due to surgical error. I really hope your surgeon is helpful fixing the issue and you’re not left too much out of pocket.
  20. Definitely looks like symmastia to me 🙁 possibly due to implant size. Do you remember you BWD measurements? How far post op did it begin to happen?
  21. It looks like he’s done an absolutely phenomenal job. You must be over the moon 🙂 and it’s only going to get better from here!
  22. I had a great experience with Dr Layt 🙂 I’m yet to see poor results from him. I will definitely see him later down the track after kids if I need ‘fixing’ haha.
  23. I don’t want to alarm you but just in a 5 minute google search I found a alarming amount of bad reviews on your surgeon. If you are bottoming out, please do not go back to him!
  24. My PS suggested similar and even gave exercises. I’m not sure if it was due to this, due to how careful he was or just sheer luck but I experienced no pain, just discomfort and was back to normal activities apart from lifting and driving at 3 days post op. I also wasn’t able to take the pain killers after my visit with my PS the day after surgery. We discovered that they were giving me the vomits and nausea. So I was just on good old panadol on day 2. Once again I may just have been super lucky or perhaps have a high pain tolerance. I’ve never had any other surgery so I can’t compare.
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