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  1. Hi! im 177cm & 77kg. I got 500cc round textured under the muscle. Before surgery I would have been a deflated 14B after breastfeeding 3 kids.. I haven't been measured yet 3 weeks post op) but I'd hope to be a DD. I'm still wearing soft wireless sports bras day and night :)
  2. Wow what an experience. I'm glad it all turned out in the end.
  3. After after the initial week I've just been told to wear a sports bra like top top with no underwire... And the stabiliser band for 2 weeks.. Although I'm still wearing it at night for bed. I'm 17 days post op.
  4. I did alot of praying when I was in the bed waiting to get wheeled into theatre... I'm a mum of 3 and I was worried about not waking up from the GA for them... But if ur in a hospital, I think your very safe. Good luck
  5. Mine r still firm. I get aches and shooting pain in various spots during the day. They r tender if I bend over for too long. They hurt mostly during the night and I'm the morning. I'm sick of sleeping on my back and I used to do a big back cracking stretch every morning and I'm too scared to go that too. I used to train 5 mornings a week and I haven't now for almost 3 wks. That is depressing me. I'm eating lots of junk And can't stop. So for ur sake and mine, I hope they heal really soon Em bc I'm a bit sad too x I'm now 15 days post op
  6. I got a BA from him one week ago. He is very direct and honest. He is not at all pushy and let's you make your own decisions after his recommendation. His team are very approachable to answer any and all questions you may have between consults and before or after surgery. His price is exceptionally fair for a PS operating in a private hospital. He is definitely worth a consult at the very least.
  7. I was deciding between 500 and 550cc i chose 500 bc my PS said for the sake of 50cc my nipples would be slightly lower than centered. That finally made my decision clear :) And I went with Dr Lim!!
  8. I had 4 consults with my ps. The size decision drive me insane!! In the end he gave me two diff Sizers to take home and try. I still couldn't decide. In the end, I chose the size that didn't compromise my nipple placement. I went with the one that technically fit me better. I am now 7 days post op Good luck
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