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    Foxylola reacted to RH4K in Had my surgery with TCI and regretting my size choice..   
    MelR11 I'm 4.5 months post op and honestly they've only really started softening up recently. Give them time ?
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    Foxylola reacted to youngbub in September 2015 boobies!   
    Woohoo! I am desperate to get back exercising - getting married in march and have 5kg to lose
    So after an amazing 2 1/2 weeks post op with minimal pain and being able to resume driving, washing hair, etc after day 7 i hit a wall  For the last week or so i have had terrible pain in my left implant. The inner side of the implant (near my cleavage) was feeling extra heavy like the implant had leaned in and was harder then previously. My pain had increased and after a huge cry this morning i decided to call my PS's office. The nurse i normally deal with managed to squeeze me in an appointment this arvo so off i went expecting the worst. Andrew was so reassuring and thinks i may have torn some of the scar tissue which has resulted in extra fluid around the implant - the issue should resolve itself over time. I felt bad as i wasted his time ( apart from the pain and heavy feeling the implant looked the same, no swelling or redness) but he made me feel so comfortable and reassured me that its better to check these things out rather than ignore them and that i was welcome to come back whenever i need. So happy with the aftercare i've received. 
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    Foxylola reacted to MaisieF in September 2015 boobies!   
    Thanks heather. I'm still only walking for cardio, which I started around 3.5 weeks PO, and I'll continue until I can add other stuff around 12 weeks PO. My PT has had implants so has written a specific nil weight program for lower body only. It's all about the food for me - I'm gonna miss my lattes and nutella muffins from my local cafe! WHAAAA!!!
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    Foxylola got a reaction from lizzy74 in My TT Journey - infection & recovery   
    Wow what an experience. I'm glad it all turned out in the end. 
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    Foxylola got a reaction from Sjay in Do I have to buy my surgical bra from where my PS said??   
    After after the initial week I've just been told to wear a sports bra like top top with no underwire... And the stabiliser band for 2 weeks.. Although I'm still wearing it at night for bed. I'm   17 days post op. 
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    Foxylola reacted to lizzy74 in My TT Journey - infection & recovery   
    Hi Everyone,
    I am now 12 months post op and thought I would share my journey.
     (TT, Lipo, infection, recovery and how I'm going now)
    I have always had a stomach apron, even before having my 2 adorable boys I had a pot belly, that grew when pregnant.  Once my husband and I made the decision our family was complete, I then started to research surgeons for a TT.  FYI - I am a curvy girl, I'm happy with my lifestyle and curves, I just had my big tummy (5' 5" tall, 74kg - sz 14). I am a Mum to 2 adorable, active boys - aged 3&4 at time of surgery - both came into this world via caesarian. 
    I met with Craig Rubinstein in May 2014, instantly I felt at ease, he was incredibly knowledgeable, had a great reputation so I made the decision to book in with him for 22 Oct 2014.
    Prior to my surgery, I prepared a to do list:
    1.  Ensure I had top cover private health insurance;
    2.  Cooked and froze as many meals as possible i.e soups, spaghetti sauce, meatballs, lasagna etc
    3.  Arranged for 4 weeks off work;
    4.  Husband took 1 week off work;
    5.  Purchased light weight tops and pants to wear during recovery.
    6.  Mum was lined up to help out once hubby went back to work.
    Fast forward to the day of surgery, I was scheduled to arrive at 1pm.  In the morning I spent every moment with my boys, we went to the park played for hours, before I knew it, it was time to leave.
    Husband drove me to the hospital and stayed with me until I was called in.
    Craig was in business mode, very focussed and drew on my tummy and marked spots for Lipo.  At this stage I felt very nervous and a little uncomfortable - it is very confronting to have all of your bits (which I have been insecure about for so many years) out in the open for everyone to see - but I was also very excited.
    I met the Anaesthetists who went through the risks and my health history, after this discussion he said I was in great health for general anaesthetic.  I was wheeled into surgery and within minutes I was asleep.
    I woke in recovery, not in any pain, surgery went for just over 2 hours.  I was then transferred to my room.
    I spent a total of 5 nights in hospital (this was a request as I wanted to recover as much as possible before going home to my boys).
    I didn't use much pain relief, was up and about the next morning very hunched over and completely amazed at the results so far.  I loved having the adjustable bed to ensure I was in the most comfortable position for recovery.  I received a little recovery gift from Craig - which was  a nice touch.
    On day 5 I was no longer draining any fluids and I got the all clear to go home, a nurse came in to remove the drains - 1st drain came out no problems, 2nd drain - OMG that was the most pain I had in the past 5 days!  
    At home, I found sleeping very difficult - I would sleep upright with many pillows behind my knees and head.  
    Recovery was going very well until I woke on day 11 feeling unwell and noticed a small red patch around my belly button, this was the Saturday of Melbourne Cup weekend, I got in touch with the nurse who put me on a broad spectrum antibiotic.  Sunday I noticed the red had spread, once again I contacted the nurse who requested I come in, I saw the nurse who drew around the red and said I would be ok once the antibiotics kicked in.  Monday, I had a high fever, shakes - I contacted the nurse again, I was sent for a ultra sound to see if I had any collections - at this stage I was getting concerned, the scans didn't show any abnormalities, I was sent home.
    Melbourne Cup Day Tuesday was a hot day in Melbourne, I was sitting on the couch with blankets on me, freezing, not eating, feeling like I had the flu.  Once again I went back to the centre and saw Craig (he had been away) - I was immediately admitted to hospital.
    The next morning I had another ultra sound and this time a collection was found assumed to be a heomatoma.  I had a procedure where they drain the fluid - well, the fluid was the most stinky and disgusting infection .... I was assigned an infection control doctor, a general doctor and my surgeon to look after me.
    I spent a further 7 nights in hospital fighting with an anaerobic infection - antibiotics and drains.  This is extremely rare and I was very unlucky to get this type of infection.
    I was discharged (at my request - my boys were really struggling) and I still had the drainage tubes in (draining the infection) - after a few days the drainage tubes were removed.  I had a big hole in the front of my scar which I had to pack with gauze and regularly see my surgeon to ensure I was healing properly.  I must say this was quite a traumatic experience for me and my husband.  I took a total of 6 weeks off work.
    I then spent 3 months on heavy duty antibiotics to ensure all the infection was gone.
    Fast forward to October 2015
    I love my stomach and I'm glad I had the surgery.
    The scar has it's faults as I had the infection issue and I couldn't wear my control garments during my healing - but I am still happy with my results.
    The recovery has been hard, I have been seeing a naturopath the past 6 months to detox my body from the antibiotics and to get my health back to 100%, I can honestly say I am only just getting to that place now.
    The past 12 months have been very hard on me and my husband.  I am still glad I had the surgery as my confidence continues to grow every day and I now love shopping for clothes and running around with my kids (without my big tummy slapping!)
    Anyone considering TT surgery, please choose your surgeon carefully (I highly recommend Craig) and ensure you have private health insurance as you never know what may happen.  I was very happy with the care and professionalism provided by Craig Rubinstein and the cover I had with NIB.
    Feel free to ask any questions!
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    Foxylola reacted to Kayla89 in Small booby advice needed pls!   
    Who would have thought you would be telling girls to go bigger ? size is the most stressful part hahaha! 
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    Foxylola got a reaction from Boobsafterbubs in BA tomorrow, nervous!   
    I did alot of praying when I was in the bed waiting to get wheeled into theatre... I'm a mum of 3 and I was worried about not waking up from the GA for them... But if ur in a hospital, I think your very safe. 
    Good luck
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    Foxylola got a reaction from cheetah in BA tomorrow, nervous!   
    I did alot of praying when I was in the bed waiting to get wheeled into theatre... I'm a mum of 3 and I was worried about not waking up from the GA for them... But if ur in a hospital, I think your very safe. 
    Good luck
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    Foxylola got a reaction from Katewell in BA tomorrow, nervous!   
    I did alot of praying when I was in the bed waiting to get wheeled into theatre... I'm a mum of 3 and I was worried about not waking up from the GA for them... But if ur in a hospital, I think your very safe. 
    Good luck
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    Foxylola got a reaction from Sully in BA tomorrow, nervous!   
    I did alot of praying when I was in the bed waiting to get wheeled into theatre... I'm a mum of 3 and I was worried about not waking up from the GA for them... But if ur in a hospital, I think your very safe. 
    Good luck
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    Foxylola got a reaction from mrsrosehiptea in sad today- when will they soften?   
    Mine r still firm. I get aches and shooting pain in various spots during the day. They r tender if I bend over for too long. They hurt mostly during the night and I'm the morning. I'm sick of sleeping on my back and I used to do a big back cracking stretch every morning and I'm too scared to go that too. I used to train 5 mornings a week and I haven't now for almost 3  wks. That is depressing me. I'm eating lots of junk And can't stop. So for ur sake and mine, I hope they heal really soon Em bc I'm a bit sad too x I'm now 15 days post op
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    Foxylola reacted to Emxoxo in Boobie day.   
    thanks so much for the kind messages to those who sent me them. as per doctors orders I stayed off social forums last night before I became a crazy person (lol jokes I became a crazy person weeks ago but I still stayed off the forums)
    So I check in to the hospital at 9:30 this morning. I am suprisingly really calm... I have a feeling the week leading up to this day  was the worst of it.  
    I saw my ps again last night, they knew how much I was freakinf out and actually asked me if I wanted to cancel and get a complete refund because they saw how panicked I was becoming. When I was asked that question I was at the brink of tears and protested a big no! I think when that happened i really came to terms with the fact this is something I want, something I've been wanting for a long time and although I've started hating the idea of it from my vigerous research and forum reading I still wanted to do it, even when given the opportunity to back out right now and get my money back. 
    Dr jake lim is so hard on the exterior but so compassionate. The fact he was going to let me cancel less then 24 hours before my surgery with a full refund only showed me that he has my best interests at heart and isn't purely in his job for the incentive of money. 
    I I had a dream last night my implants got put in the wrong way and I had scars on the top of my boobs and they fell to the sides every time I walked. So that was awkward but let's hope the real thing is much different haha. 
    Will come back to this thread once the deeds been done and will post how I'm doing  
    xxxxx ?
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    Foxylola reacted to Emxoxo in Any Reviews for Dr Jake Lim?   
    One day post op with jake lim. I got mine don't and a scar revision for 7.5k. He is great  

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    Foxylola got a reaction from Pat.K in Any Reviews for Dr Jake Lim?   
    I got a BA from him one week ago. 
    He is very direct and honest. He is not at all pushy and let's you make your own decisions after his recommendation. 
    His team are very approachable to answer any and all questions you may have between consults and before or after surgery. 
    His price is exceptionally fair for a PS operating in a private hospital. 
    He is definitely worth a consult at the very least. 
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    Foxylola reacted to Emxoxo in I did it.   
    I feel sick. But I finally did it. 350cc are booked and my surgeon said we are sticking with that now and no changes can be made to make me stop stressing! 
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    Foxylola reacted to Subtle and discrete in 3rd size consult   
    Em, don't know if this helps but the biggest lesson I learned from this was that I should have just trusted my surgeon. He nailed it. He never swayed from his opinion / recommendation and if I'd listened then I would have saved myself many sleepless nights! Good luck chick and remember, whatever you choose, they'll be awesome! x
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    Foxylola got a reaction from Emxoxo in 3rd size consult   
    I had 4 consults with my ps. The size decision drive me insane!! In the end he gave me two diff Sizers to take home and try. I still couldn't decide. In the end, I chose the size that didn't  compromise my nipple placement. I went with the one that technically fit me better. I am now 7 days post op  Good luck 
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