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  1. just a question please what do u mean by keeping dermal? i am having mine done in 2 weeks n quite nervous but excited with the excision line does it increase your hairline and is it that obvious? how long does the bruise & swelling last for the brow lift and blepharoplasty? How long does one need to stay in hospital before okay to go home? Thank u kindly and hear from u
  2. Hello everyone I am thinking of getting breast implants for my 40 th birthday next year at Cosmetic institute sydney Dont know any of the surgeons or area and would kindly appreciate some help please. Please excuse some of my silly questions just so nervous 1) which surgeon would u recommend? 2) is it safe? 3) manly vs Paramatta? 4) breast augmentation ie implant + lift = price $5990? thank u kindly for your time
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