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    BA- 365cc silicone round unders.
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    Dr Kwok TCI August 2015
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  1. I would just like to say that I am a happy TCI patient and did ALOT of research before going ahead with my surgery. Admittedly my surgery was before all these recent events had occurred, but during my research I found it extremely hard to find anything but great reviews on them. I am in no way "wreckless" or "unwise" and also don't treat cosmetic surgery like "ordering a pizza" or "changing my hair colour" like TCI patients have been accused of on other threads. If I didn't feel 100% comfortable in my consult there's no way I would have gone ahead. Going there felt right for me and I have 0 regrets. If others feel right about going there why shouldn't they? After all it is THEIR body and to be honest has absolutely nothing to do with anyone on here. We all come here looking for support not scrutiny! MaddiJay I think your results look amazing! As long as you are happy with your choice in surgeon who cares what anyone else thinks! Haters are always gonna hate ?
  2. I find if I stop taking my iron supplements I get really bad cramping/ heavier flow. Sorry if that's too much info lol.. but they could help especially if you're off meat
  3. I'm 164cm and 49kg. I had 365cc high profile implants.. I'm only 2 weeks post op but should end up a dd/ e. Smaller implants can go a long way on smaller frames so try not to stress too much
  4. kateee

    August 2015

    Good to hear Mona76 Im also still sleeping on an angle... and HATING it i might add. I emailed the clinic asking when I can sleep on my side and they said 6 weeks!!! I'm gonna go insane! :'(
  5. Hi Fi Fi, My profile pic isn't actually me, it was my inspo before my BA haha. I started with a 10B and had 365cc HP implants. Dr Kwok said that should get me to a DD-E but hard to say for sure.
  6. Haha i was exactly the same pre op.. all i did every day was think about/ look up boobs! I felt like a teenage boy ? even now since I'm off work for 2 weeks i pretty much live on this forum. It is a very exciting time! I'm also super happy i found this forum. I was in the same boat as you in the way that i didn't hate my boobs but was sick of not being able to find clothes that fit. I'm quite petite so sometimes even size 6 tops were too big!
  7. kateee

    August 2015

    thanks ladies! I thought that would be case but just wanted to double check Pepper9 i know how you feel! Pre op i was wearing the cotton on booster bras, which if anyone has worn or seen them you would know that they have about 2 inches of padding! Lol.
  8. kateee

    August 2015

    Question! I'm sure this is completely normal and have read about other girls experiencing this but wasn't able to find what it was exactly. The last couple of days I've been experiencing a vibrating/ bubbling feeling underneath and to the side of my left boob. When i press on the area i can feel popping like I'm popping air bubbles? Lol i hope that makes sense.. its really hard to explain. Its not painful just feels a bit gross! Has anyone here experienced this or know what it is?
  9. Sorry to hear that tiger91. Do you mind if I ask what problems you've had?
  10. I had a very slight difference with one sitting lower than the other.. I'd never noticed it until my surgeon pointed it out in the consult so chose to just go with the same cc's in both
  11. kateee

    August 2015

    wow! That sounds so extreme. . I was also told 3 times a day for 5-10 minutes
  12. At the end of the day i'd go with your gut feeling. Go to the consult and see how you feel afterwards. I walked out of my consult feeling 100% better than when i went in. I'm feeling great! Haven't needed to take any pain meds since Tuesday, although I'm still a bit tight but definitely bearable
  13. kateee

    August 2015

    Just wondering how long it was until you ladies had no muscular pain at all. I'm only day 5 post op so I know I still have a long way to go, but just curious to know how long until your muscles had recovered?
  14. I am day 5 post op with Dr Kwok. I agree that the current events are concerning, but also think the media can make things sound worse than they really are. TCI do 5000+ surgeries every year, there are bound to be occasional complications, like with any surgery, at any establishment. I have nothing but good things to say about TCI, all the staff there were amazing and made me feel completely at ease. Everything (including risks) was explained clearly and I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. I'm really happy with my results so far, although it is still early days. If you have any questions feel free to ask
  15. kateee

    August 2015

    I'm going great! Today is day 4 for me and haven't had to take any pain relief at all. Still a little tight but nothing major plus i finally went to the toilet haha
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