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    Dr Lee at TCI Bondi

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    September 2015 baby. 385cc HP Under the muscle implants. 10A to 10E/F. 6 weeks post op.
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    Dr Lee 14th September 2015
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    152cm/53kgs/10A (Just)
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    Dental Assistant
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    My family, keeping fit & active.

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  1. Thanks for your help Gracie.d Much appreciated xx
  2. Hey Babes I am currently 6 weeks post op. I was advised by Dr Lee at TCI to avoid an underwire or push up bra for 6 months after surgery. Has anybody else been advised this & do the wires move the implants if worn to early? I am also struggling to find swimmers or bras in my size. I am a 10E sometimes an F cup and no bras accomodate for a small frame & a big cup & swimmers I just have no idea what size to get a size 14 fits my cup but won't fit my back. HELPPPP ?? xx
  3. I loved reading your Experience. I'm booked in with dr Lee on Monday and with all this bad media I was freaking out a little. My op is in Concord private hospital under a full GA.
  4. Im in on the 14th Of September with Dr Lee. I thought I would be more nervous but tbh im not even thinking about the post surgery pain, more keeping my fingers crossed that I get the result I have in my head. I also have lost all my breasts from being so big when breastfeeding I went up from a 10B to a 12DD now im a deflated 10A. Very depressing not being able to fill an A cup push up bra.
  5. Hey Ladies I have my BA booked with Dr lee in Bondi on the 14th September. Totally ecstatic to get rid of my saggy 10A post breastfeeding boobs (actually to call myself is a A cup is probably a lie I cant even fill that). Hopeing for a 415cc but not getting my hopes up on a particular size & going to go with what Dr Lee recommends. My bestie informed me that all the sizes look different on each individual. Cant say I am even thinking of how painful it may be post op, I will just be so happy to feel normal again & have some body confidence <3 <3
  6. Im in on the 14th of September for my BA with Dr Lee. Cannot wait
  7. Thankyou so much for your info @‚ÄĆDanniP im so glad that Im in good hands. Its so hard going in blind and im aware all surgeons are different but from everything I have seen from Dr Lee I love. I have a very deflated 10A after having my daughter when I went up to a 12 DD. I have a 2cm gap between my bra and boob even in a push up bra. I didn't think it was possible to have saggy boobs when theres hardly any boob lol. This surgery cannot come quick enough.
  8. I was wondering if i could get some feedback on Dr Lee. Would you recommend him? I am booked in on the 20th of August for the consult & the 14th September for the surgery. Just feeling nervous and hopeing that I have chosen the right surgeon. I have only herd & seen great work from him but id love some feedback.
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