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  1. Yes, correct! His father died that day:( Sad, unfortunately.
  2. Thank you Emma91! I am looking to fix my jawline sometime next year. At the moment, I am looking to see a specialist to ease facial pain and swelling.? Initially I was booked with Dr Narongday, a great surgeon, but that day he couldn't operate ... and Dr Kanit took over.I must say he is very nice, but unfortunately the surgery was a flop.
  3. Hi, I've done plastic surgery with Dr Kanit late last year with very disastrous outcome. The lower eye lied was to tight so I couldn't close the eyes. Five weeks ago I had a corrective surgery on my eyes with great success. Everything he did on my face has to be corrected. There is still loose skin under my chin like two strings. He made long scar under my chin and the jawline is not smooth. I payed this trip and procedure a quite a lot money in hope to look and feel better. My face is still swollen and painful after 7 months. I liked the nurses and my stay in hospital in Thailand. Dr Kanit was not my first choice. More next time.
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