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  1. They don't really look like they have changed any... But still love them in comparison to what I had so side boob or no side boob I'll be happy! Hopefully the pinching massage and d&f will help with the side boob eventually! Feel much better now too still restricted but back to work (home care, on light duties) do get really tired and need a nap most days but feel amazing can't wait for 6 weeks and buying bra's and taking this post op bra off
  2. I felt exactly the same... Was even regretting surgery I was in so much pain and so uncomfortable. Take anti inflammatory tablets, get numbing cream from your doctor (for your nipples) drink plenty of fluids, sleep elevated and make sure your getting up and about as it really will help Get out of the house too I found myself becoming depressed when I was alone at home all day while my partner was at work. It does get better, I'm 4 weeks tomorrow and I'm feeling so much better still restricted but so much better both physically and emotionally All the best
  3. It's sucks having to wait to see what they will be like... Still love them atm but still wanna know if I'll have cleavage that necklaces will get lost in and side boob to die for lol That's kinda the best pic I can get from the top view I also had Pectus carinatum (my rib cage was more predominant then the other side so the doctor said they will most likely point out a bit but maybe with a good bra I can get some cleavage Wish I had side boob but now I'm at the 3 week mark and can start the under massaging it will help define them How far along are you melina88?
  4. This sounds like a very silly question, but will I ever get defined side boob? I had apparently no breast tissue and no lose skin. I had 450 and 405cc implants. I'm only 3 weeks post op but can not seem to find any images or discussion about this.
  5. We stayed at the meriton, they were so helpful. The room as great and the bed was so comfortable and a king! It wasn't even a 2min walk to the cosmetic institute and they let us leave our car in the parking lot till past 2pm the next day which made it a lot easier for my partner when it came to getting my prescriptions, visiting me and picking me up as he didn't have to worry about finding parking/moving the car. It does cost $25 at the meriton but that's for the day you check in and after
  6. I had my breast augmentation last week today. I'm in hell!! I have wanted this for years now but never actually thought it would happen so never actually thought about the pain that would be associated with it! I have no doubt that in a few weeks it will be all worth it so I'm hanging in. But my reasons for writing this is to advise anyone who has yet to have their surgery Go to your doctors before or after and get numbing cream for you nipples... They will feel like there on fire while being smacked with a bamboo stick!! And the rubbing on the post op bra... Kill me now!! I received an ointment called xylocaine (it is ment for dental use but still really down help) your doctor or pharmacist might recommend something else but either way... Take what ever they offer for your nipples! And as soon as you can start taking anti inflammatory tablets... They will help with the swelling and stiffness. I'm not saying you'll be be pain free using either of these but they will help a little
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